Best Golf Balls Test 2018: balls played by Rory McIlroy & Tiger Woods

Best golf balls 2018: featuring balls used by Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose. 

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Wed, 12 Sep 2018


For us, the most exciting golf ball to be released in recent years.

The TP5 offers a tremendous amount of feel and control with the scoring clubs, giving all golfers the chance to get the ball closer to the hole.

Off the tee, the ball creates some outstanding numbers. We noticed our ball speed was up 2-3mph more than previous TaylorMade balls. 

Overall, a premium Tour ball that has a price tag to go with it at £44.99 a dozen but if that doesnt bother you then you must try these.

Even Rory McIlroy and World No.1 Justin Rose are currently using this ball - so if you don't believe us, maybe they'll convince you! 


We tested a number of standout golf balls from TaylorMade dating all the way back to 1999 up until the present day to check out the difference in shot data and performance. Check this out...




The benchmark was set many years ago when Titleist brought out the first Pro V1 and from then on it has been the No.1 ball played on Tour.

The 2018 model has expectional feel and durability. The control and feel you receive with this ball is quite frankly incredible, especially with the irons. We found the distance control with each club as strong as any ball out there. 

Better players will want to get involved with this one.


The 2018 Callaway Chrome Soft ball has a new Graphene Dual SoftFast Core. This material is stronger than diamond and its use has made a thinner outer core possible, therefore allowing a larger inner core. This ball is incredibly soft and has very impressive ball speeds with the driver considering the feel you get. 

Overall, a very exciitng new golf ball with its Graphene core. If you are after feel, especially around the green and the scoring clubs, then these are for you. We can't promise you'll receive spin with your wedges, but there's a very good chance. 



One of the most underrated golf balls on the market. With the power houses in this caterory reaslly ovber shadow this quality golf ball.

Srixon upgraded its premium ball range to offer more distance and spin, plus greater consistency in windy conditions.

Both models feature a new 338 Speed Dimple pattern, which uses five different dimple sizes – resulting in a more powerful trajectory.

We noticed really high launch and low spin which works very well with driver.

Overall, an overlooked golf ball at a fantastic price point and it deserves some very high praise indeed. 


5. BRIDGESTONE TOUR BXS - as played by Tiger Woods in 2018 

The chosen one in 2018 for arguably the greatest player of all time, Tiger Woods.

The Tour BXS is very similar to the Chrome Soft in that it generates a massive amount of spin with the wedges.

The stopping power of this ball is the best in its class and it performs really well in windy conditions. It also has solid ball speed numbers with driver.

Overall, a premium golf ball that will really open your eyes with the wedges. 

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