Best Golf Drivers 2018 - the new key tech to help you this season

Golf Drivers 2018: Which new golf driver technology is right for your game? 

Best Golf Drivers 2018 - and how their new technologies can help you
Best Golf Drivers 2018 - and how their new technologies can help you

Golf drivers. There are hundreds of them out there in golf shops in 2018, but which one is really best suited to your game? 

Some golf drivers generate added distance, others provide forgiveness, a selection provide both. 

We've tested just about every new driver on the market for the 2018 season, and landed on the FIVE newbies that stand out from the crowd this season. We've also delved deeper into the key technology of each driver to see what it can offer you...


Twist Face might be all the rage when it comes to the new M3 and M4 drivers from TaylorMade this season, and rightly so given it's been designed to contribute STRAIGHT DISTANCE. It does exactly that, just check out our review above if you're in any doubt. 

But arguably the best piece of tech on the new M3 driver, as played by the likes of Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose, is the new Y-Track. 

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The previous M1 driver featured sliding weights that could be moved forward (for low spin) and back (for added forgiveness, launch and spin), but this time around with the M3 we've got two 11g weights in the sole that can be moved front to back, but also SIDE TO SIDE.

To simplify this, it means your M3 driver can be adjusted for front or back centre of gravity (CG) location, and it helps promote a much more stable and desired shot shape.


For example, move one weight forward and one toward the heel and you've got a low-spin draw. Stick one in the back and one in the toe and you've a high-spinning fade. 

While we recommend you ask your local PGA pro or coach the best positions for your weights, you can essentially play around with your new toy and see which works best for you. Just remember you can't get the wrench out during your round as you can't tinker on the course. 

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