Best golf gloves 2019

GolfMagic's favourite golf gloves on the market in 2019.

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Thu, 3 Oct 2019

Looking to take a grip of your golf game as the 2019 season draws to a close? Well, picking up a fresh premium golf glove is a good place to start.

The best new golf gloves on the market can be picked up from anything between a tenner and £30, so they don't bust the bank balance nearly as much as many other golf products on the shelves. 

Why is the golf glove so important? Well, a premium golf glove will feel much more comfortable, be a lot more durable and fit much better on your hand than a budget one. As a result, this will help you hit your best possible golf shot every time. 

When it comes to fitting a golf glove to your hand, you want to wear one that fits tight across your palm and fingers. There should be a gap of roughly 1/4" when pulling the velcro for tightness. Some of the sizing with different brands can vary, so we recommend trying them on for yourself before handing over your money. 

We recommend on average changing your golf glove every couple of months, but that is dependent on how frequently you play. Obviously if you throw in general use, sweat, rain, differing climate conditions, and the grip of your glove will gradually wear the more you use it. If you play every week, then you might want to change your glove once a month. If you play less, you might only want to switch your glove twice a year.

We'll leave that decision down to how seriously you take your golf - all we say is keep checking the durability of your glove as it can make a huge difference to the control of your shots. 

GolfMagic has taken a look at just about every new premium golf glove that money can buy right now, and we've landed on six that have impressed us the most this season when it comes to fit, feel, control and as we've just mentioned, durability...


Features: Handcrafted from the world's finest and most technologically advanced gloving lamb leathers
Verdict: Buttery soft feel, great fit, inbuilt flexibility ensures outstanding durability, best value for money glove out there
Price: £12.99


Features: AAA Cabretta TM Soft Tech leather; contoured fit wrist lining; stretch fit tab adjustment; moisture wicking wristband
Verdict: Superb durability, exceptional comfort, aids full control on all types of shot, nice stretch fit adjusts perfectly to your hand
Price: £17.95

#3 - G/FORE MG4.1

Features: Precision crafted from AA Cabretta leather
Verdict: The most stylish golf glove in the game, different colour options to cater for personal taste, good durability strong grip, nice rubber tab for on/off use, at the top end for price but you get what you pay for 
Price: £29


Features: Cabretta leather; UA Fit technology; built-in closure tab
Verdict: Maximum control on all shots, strong durability, stylish, very comfortable 
Price: £22


Features: Premium Cabretta Leather infused with Griptac; Opti Fit Perforated Adjustable Closure
Verdict: Very snug fit, stylish, comfortable, breathable, good durability
Price: £14.99


Features: Solite Premium Cabretta leather with Micro-Pur technology; Sensor Co
Verdict: Incredible soft feel, nice finger vents aid good breathability, wristband features moisture-wicking SensorCool Technology, perfect fit, good control on all shots, a glove offering everything
Price: £18



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