Best mallet putters 2018

Best mallet putters: which are the best of the best in 2018?

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Wed, 8 Aug 2018
Best mallet putters 2018

The mallet is easier than the blade to putt with. It’s larger, the weight is distributed to the perimeters, it’s therefore more stable and resistant to twisting. 


But with the larger head, other attributes are often impaired – such as feel. And that’s not something you want to lose when putting.

However, there are certain models that manage to cling onto many pros that come with blade putters and blend them with the performance characteristics of a mallet.

They are a hallowed lot, many of which can be seen in the hands of the best players on the planet.

These are them. Feast on our favourite mallet putters of 2018.

Bettinardi BB56 - £240

Putter specialists Bettinardi tout this as their “most intricate and advanced” putter in their line. It's a high MOI putter that combines a strategically placed weight to promote a consistent strike and even roll. Made from military grade materials, this has a firm and responsive feel.

Tech: 6061 titanium, topline weight made from 303 stainless steel

Bettinardi iNOVAI 5.0 putter - £240

The bi-metal construction, black finish and FIT face remain from previous iNOVAi putters but in 2018 there’s the addition of a 303 stainless steel weight which promotes a better strike and roll.

Tech: bi-metal construction, adonized finish, FIT Face, 6061 aluminum, 303 stainless steel weight

Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 Elevado - £149

A “Tour-driven” shape boasting a stabilizing wing and a high-contrast sight line to help you get square with the hole. A multi-material construction and deep milled face is designed to offer a soft feel.

Tech: speed optimized milled face, high contrast 2135 tech, soft polymer TPU Insert, counter balanced grip

Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 Cero - £139

Much of the same tech as the above putter in an enlarged moon shape, offering a different feel and stroke.

Tech: speed optimised milled face, high contrast 2135 tech, soft polymer TPU Insert, counter balanced grip

EVNROLL ER8 - £299

A popular half moon model with EVNROLL’s unique face milling which transfers more energy on off-centre hits to give help when you need it.

Tech: CNC Milled, 303 stainless steel head, silver satin finish

EVNROLL ER5 - £299

A popular fang design, with the same face milling process as the ER8. A stable putter with a medium soft, responsive feel.

Tech: CNC Milled, 303 stainless steel head, silver satin finish

Odyssey O-works 7 - £169

Superb value for what is a high performing putter. Microhinge Technology is designed to add more topspin to the ball when you strike it, for a better roll. The insert provides a soft feel, while the design is reasonably high in MOI.

Tech: Microhinge Face Insert, Versa Alignment Technology

Odyssey O-works EXO Rossie - £329

Like above, this putter has Microhinge technology but has a larger design which is going to offer you a little more help keeping the putter stable through the stoke. The insert is very soft, while also providing a decent level of feedback.

Tech: multi-material design, microhinge technology, white hot sound and feel

PING Vault 2.0 Piper - £249

Another popular half moon model, with PING's true roll technology helping you get the ball rolling off the bat. Has a soft but responsive feel. 

Tech: true roll technology, custom weight balanced

PING Sigma G Wolverine T - £169

A large MOI design offering heaps of forgiveness. Long alignment aids help golfers get square to the hole, while a face insert adds a soft feel.

Tech: multi-layer face, true roll face technology, contrasting full face insert, PP60 grip

TaylorMade Tour Red Spider - £229

Massively popular on Tour, this high MOI putter is seriously stable through the stroke but also has a lush, soft feel. This one has no alignment line, but there are a bunch of models that do, so have a look around the range.

Tech: moveable weight technology, pure roll insert, vibration dampening PU foam

TaylorMade Spider Mini - £229

Basically the same as above, but in a smaller body offering more of a release through the stroke.

Tech: optimised weighting system, thicker pure roll insert.

TaylorMade Ardmore 3

Used by Tiger Woods, the first thing you’ll notice is the stunning new black copper finish. An adjustable sole weight allows you to dial this club in to suit your stroke, while the soft feel is complimented by a decent whack of MOI.

Tech: pure roll insert, triple-plating process, adjustable sole weights, hand polished

Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura 7M - £299

A stable putter with an exceptional feel. It’s also mega easy to line up thanks to the design offering up a heap of parallel lines when looking down on the head. Very, very good.

Tech: multi-material construction, dual purpose alignment

Titleist Scotty Cameron Fastback - £329

A more refined shape than above, giving players a tad more wiggle room. A delightful feel combines with a re-engineered design which improves the overall aesthetic.

Tech: multi-material construction, four-way sole balancing, improved sound and feel

Wilson Staff Infinite Bean

An oversized design with a heavy grip for a pendulum-like stroke. The face is double milled to get a decent roll.

Tech: double milled face, dark anti-glare finish, counterbalance technology