Callaway launches new Big Bertha and Big Bertha REVA lines

New Callaway Big Bertha and Big Bertha REVA: This is everything you need to know. 

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Tue, 18 Apr 2023
Callaway launches new Big Bertha and Big Bertha REVA lines

Callaway Golf has launched two new exciting line-ups with the Big Bertha and the Big Bertha REVA families for the 2023 golf season. 

The iconic Big Bertha lines bring game-changing performance so that being out on the course can be enjoyable no matter what level you play at, and the two new ranges arriving on the market in April are no different. 

As Callaway puts it in their release, "that's the Big Bertha standard."

The new range, announced on Tuesday, was created for players looking to have their ball launch higher and play with more confidence.

The sleek new Big Bertha driver in the line-up was specifically designed to help players reduce their slice for a straighter distance and an easy launch off the tee. All the clubs come in a lightweight package to allow for easy swings.

The irons have up to 11g of external tungsten to promote forgiveness, and up to 43g of internal tungsten which Callaway says will create high, easy-to-control launches. 

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All in all, Callaway claims its a forgiving line-up that's designed to make every shot as best as it can be so you can enjoy shooting as low as you can out on the course. 

And in addition to the Big Bertha line that was launched Tuesday, Callaway also announced the launch of a new Big Bertha REVA line.

As a result of more and more women playing golf, Callaway utilized data and player feedback to create a best-in-class women's line-up of clubs that suited for players of every skill level. 

Callaway says the Big Bertha REVA family is specifically designed for women who want more confidence, distance, and accuracy so that they can hit their best shots on the course as well. 

Similar to the Big Bertha range, Callaway says the Big Bertha REVA irons feature 11g of external tungsten and up to 35g on internal tungsten. 

The exciting line features maximum forgiveness and easy distance from lightweight clubs, to get the best out of shots on the course. 

Both the Big Bertha and Big Bertha REVA line-ups will be available 28 April 2023, and both includes driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. 


  • Big Bertha driver: £499
  • Big Bertha fairway: £349
  • Big Bertha hybrids: £279
  • Big Bertha irons (based on 7-club set): £1149 ST/£1299 (GR)
  • Big Bertha REVA driver: £499
  • Big Bertha REVA fairway: £349
  • Big Bertha REVA hybrids: £279
  • Big Bertha REVA irons (based on 7-club set): £1299

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