How GolfMagic Tests Products

All the latest and best golf equipment is tested over a period of time in different settings to ensure fair and thorough reviews.

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Mon, 13 Feb 2023
How GolfMagic Tests Products

If you are wondering how GolfMagic tests out the latest and best golf equipment on the shelves, then you have arrived at the right place as we explain our in-depth testing process in this article. 

Here at GolfMagic, we test every product that we believe is going to go some way to enhancing your game, with categories ranging from broad ones like best golf drivers and best golf putters down to important accessories such as best golf tees and best golf pitch repairers

No matter the golf product being tested, we always ensure the following: 

  • Every test is done fairly and in the same setting against its competitiors as to ensure zero bias to the results
  • The person who is testing the product is the right person for the job

When it comes to golf clubs, every product is tested over a period of time in different settings (both practice studio to crunch the data and golf course for real life situations) to ensure fair and thorough reviews

Who tests products for GolfMagic? 

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge is our main man when it comes to testing the latest products. Alex plays off a handicap of 6 and he does the majority of his on-course testing at Mannings Heath Golf & Wine Estate

Alex says: 

"When testing products, it’s more than just whacking a ball around for half an hour and seeing how the product feels. My judgement matters, so when I test, I gather data, comparisons, and make sure that the final decision I make on the product is backed up with evidence." 

When necessary, other members of staff from GolfMagic such as our Reviews Editor or independent sources such as low single-figure handicap golfer James Somerside, who has previously worked for TaylorMade, are brought in to review certain products.

All equipment reviews are created in written and video form. 

GolfMagic will soon reveal an all-new Equipment Reviews team, so stay tuned for that in 2023. 

The very best products we test are then featured in our in-depth Buyer Guides, which we spend plenty of time putting together in order to give you, the GolfMagic Reader, the best purchasing advice before splashing the cash. 

Depending on the product in question, we base our testing at two different locations. 

For any golf equipment, ranging from golf drivers to golf balls, we compile all our data from Gray's Golf, which is a brilliant custom fitting venue in the South East of England. 

This particular location allows us to use some of the very best golf launch monitor technology around, including a GC Quad and Trackman

We are then able to gather precise data through using these launch monitors, which are used by the likes of PGA Tour star Rory McIlroy and LIV Golf's Bryson DeChambeau.

Once all the shot data has been checked and confirmed via several testing sessions, we move on to outdoor testing at Mannings Heath Golf & Wine Estate, a stunning 27-hole venue in Horsham that features USGA greens. 

Mannings Heath poses many different challenges, so all of the latest golf equipment we test there is more than put through its paces. 

Outdoor testing at this parkland site is then confirmed using a Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor, which is also used by golf's greatest ever player Tiger Woods, to back up all of our golf shot performance. 

Once we are happy with the testing both indoor and outdoor, we finalise our judgement for the product in question with a star rating, which you can learn more about below. 

GolfMagic Star Rating Guide

GolfMagic has a 5-star rating system. If any product receives 3 stars, then it will simply not be published on the website. 

5 stars - Testing has shown clear evidence that this product is superior to its competitors. For the golfer that this product is aimed towards, purchasing it will lead to an improvement in their game. No negatives to mention. 

4.5 stars - Delivers exceptional performance that we believe leads to this product being at the top of the list for its category. We would recommend this product if someone asked what is the best ___ we’ve tested this year. 

4 stars - A commendable product which features technology and performance that rivals its’ competitors, but we do not feel that there are any notable upgrades to its previous iteration (if applicable) to truly recommend it as the best product of its category. 

3.5 stars - Good, but missing something due to either the performance or technology that leads us to not rate it any higher. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product. 

Check out the latest and best products in the GolfMagic Equipment Reviews section, or come and watch our latest content over on the GolfMagic YouTube Channel. You'll also want to keep locked to the GolfMagic Instagram Channel as Alex regularly posts brand new equipment launches, sneak peek content and plenty of competitions to win new products.