Callaway launches new 'two-in-one' rangefinder

Hybrid Laser-GPS rangefinder also has in-built GPS mapping

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Thu, 3 Nov 2016

Callaway has launched three new rangefinders in the Hybrid Laser-GPS and the 300 Pro and 200.

Hybrid Laser GPS

Incorporated two distance measuring devices: pin-seeking laser rangefinder and GPS course mapping.

Weighing 220 grams, the device locks onto pins up to 300 yards away, offer 6x zoom for multiple-target measurements up to 1,000 yards away.

The GPS is loaded with 30,000 courses with no download or subscription fees, giving front middle and back measurements, and carries to hazards.

Price: £329

300 Pro

Features “slope” technology, which takes into account gradients when giving yardages.

The 200 rangefinder weighs just 110 grams and locks onto a pin up to 275 yards away, giving measurements up t0 275 yards out.

Price: £ 299 (300) £199 (200)

Head to the Callaway websitefor more information. 



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