Evnroll ER11vx, Zero putters: What you need to know

Evnroll ER11vx, Zero putters have been released for 2022. 

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Thu, 3 Feb 2022
Evnroll ER11vx, Zero putters: What you need to know

Evnroll have added two new products to the market for 2022: Zero and ER11vx. 

The California-based putter manufacturer has also expanded its V-Series line with new hosel and black finish options, added two models to the Midlock product line as well as new ladies and left-handed putter options.

The ZERO Putter from Evnroll showcases face forward technology. Face forward is when the shaft is aligned very close to the centre of gravity but toward the toe  of the putter instead of the face. This causes the face to point forward toward the target line.   

The patented gravity grip further enhances face forward technology as the downward gravitational pull of the steel rod virtually locks the putter face to the target line. 

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The ZERO putter head features an ultra-light, precision milled 6061 aluminum body with a 30- gram steel weight positioned in each of the four corners of a clean, modern design. By hollowing  out the center of the putter, MOI is maximized for unmatched stability.  

The golf ball-sized hollowed-out center is surrounded by a bold, white, ball-sized "zero" against  the black anodized aluminum body. By adding a white, center line the golfer is rewarded with  effortless alignment.

The new ER11vx builds on the success of the ER11v – the hottest member of the 2021 Evnroll  V-Series. Using this elegant design platform of the ER11v, Evnroll has amplified its high MOI to  extreme MOI, hence the addition of the “X’ in its name.  

The body material is ultra-light 6061 aircraft aluminum, incorporating a single dramatic sightline.  The rear, heel/toe adjustable 303 stainless steel weights have been redesigned to reposition  mass further outward to enhance stability and forgiveness.  

The new ER11vx will also feature the inline short- slant, the latest addition to the V-Series hosel family. Combined with extreme MOI, this heel-biased shafting will virtually eliminate the pull, the most common miss in putting. 

How much do they cost?


ZERO £425 / €479  

ER11vx from £409/ €469 w/TourTac Grip 

V-Series Black 

ER2vB from £425 / €479 w/TourTac Grip 

ER5vB from £425 / €479 w/TourTac Grip 


ER10v ML £409 / €459  

ER11vx ML £409 / €459 

Ladies Classics  

ER2 £329 / €379 

ER5 £349 / €379 

Left-hand Classics  

ER2B from £379 / €429 w/TourTac Grip 

ER5B from £399 / €449 w/TourTac Grip

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