Evnroll launch high MOI ER9-10K Extreme mallet putter

Evnroll ER9-10K Extreme putter: Designer Guerin Rife wanted to double the MOI of other mallets on Tour - this is the creation. 

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Wed, 24 Jan 2018
Evnroll launch high MOI ER9-10K Extreme mallet putter

EvnRoll has unveiled the super forgiving, high MOI ER9-10K Extreme mallet.

Designer Guerin Rife set himself a challenge to make a putter with double the MOI of many popular mallets on Tour - the ER9-10K Extreme has an MOI of 10,000.

“I noticed more and more lately that many players on the PGA Tour are opting for high MOI oversized putter head designs,” comments Rife. “They have to stand over a four-foot putt worth $200k to $1m that will change their life. The pressure can be paralysing.”

Evnroll launch high MOI ER9-10K Extreme mallet putter

MOI - essentially a club’s resistant to twisting - can particularly help players on nervy short putts.

“For a putter, that translates to a rock steady swing path and an enlarged area of forgiveness off the face. So all you have to do is aim,” says Rife.

The putter has a large head, combining light aluminium and stainless steel. It has a milled aluminium body with strategically located hollow cylinders running the length of the head from face to rear along the heel and toe for sizeable steel weights.

It is a square head shape, with a wide central cavity, with alignment lines and a single line in the centre.

To help reduce the size of the putter visually, the putter is finished in a dark grey satin.

EvnRoll’s “Sweet Face” technology is employed, to offer accuracy and dispersion. However, because of the high MOI, grooves had to be altered to allow for he same energy transfer on off-centre hits.

The club is designed to feel much lighter than its actual weight, to promote a nice, stable feel.

The grip in the ER9 has a 70 gram steel rod that runs through the grip, promoting a square face, and acting as a counterbalance to the heavy head.

The ER9-10K Extreme mallet will be available in three head weights according to shaft length (33” at 415 grams; 34” at 400 grams; 35” at 385 grams) with hosel options of either plumber neck or short slant neck.

Price: £299