G/Fore founder & designer Mossimo Giannulli talks to GolfMagic.com

EXCLUSIVE: GolfMagic catches up with one of the coolest brands in golf, G/Fore.

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Tue, 24 Jul 2018

GolfMagic.com caught up with G/Fore founder, designer and creator Mossimo Giannulli to learn more about one of the coolest golf apparel brands in the industry. 


Earlier this season, the traditional, straight-laced brand Peter Millar acquired the more modern, avant-garde G/Fore brand that is based in Los Angeles.

Giannulli, an avid golfer and a longtime fashion designer who’s best known for creating Mossimo, a collection of beachwear and streetwear that became popular in the 1990s, identified a need for more stylish, more outspoken golf apparel that appealed to younger, trendier golfers - and that's where G/Fore came to fruition.

The brand started out with premium leather golf gloves in vibrant colours, and then built on its momentum by slipping into the footwear, apparel and accessories market while appealing to the likes of Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson in the process. 

While G/FORE products offer a fun, irreverent twist on traditional golf apparel, Peter Millar’s philosophy is distinctively more middle-of-the-road, as Mossimo reveals in our interview below...

What makes a strong brand for you and why is G/Fore one of them?

Any great brand must have its own vision and strong brand DNA. I’m a big believer in consistent aesthetics. If a brand is truly great you should be able to tell who it’s made by without seeing a label. We have done a great job of establishing our DNA and been very consistent with our message and aesthetic.

From colourful gloves to a full clothing line: how did that transition of G/Fore take place and what was the strategy behind to work on the development of the brand?

Gloves were our entree into the golf space. I wanted to enter slowly, have a distinct point of view and then build as the consumer was giving us permission as a brand. The strategy was intact prior to the launch of gloves, provided I could find a decidedly different brand voice. I believe we have done that and will continue to push on the product front.

What are the key parameters in fashion and is the golf apparel market any different to regular fashion?

I don’t design with any reservations, better said I don’t change the way I work because it’s golf. I try to make great product that works for golf clearly but am not inspired by other golf brands and tend to follow a different road map.

When it comes to style what are your personal preferences?

I like things that are very graphic and simple, there is a way to wear color and not look like a child. Fit is a big deal, I prefer a look that’s leaner and more tailored. I also believe it’s so personal…. I’m trying to give some great options and let you sort it out and put your spin on it.

How do you recognise good taste in fashion and what sets apart good style from average mainstream clothing?

It’s all in the attitude and way you wear it. Gotta own it!

Function and performance have become more and more important throughout the years in the world of golf fashion. How will the market develop regarding this and is there any more room for new fabrics?

Always more room for NEW anything… we constantly play with fabrics trying to find a balance that represents fashion that has an active spin.

With the new ownership of Peter Millar how will the brand G/Fore be affected by this and what changes are in place for you personally?

Really nothing changes on the creative front, Peter Millar has embraced our culture and aesthetic and want us to continue to push and expand. It’s been the best. If I could waive a wand this would have played out just as it is. 

To purchase G/Fore products online please visit TrendyGolf.com or head to GFore.com for more info about the brand