GolfMagic reader testing Cobra Connect: the results

Cobra Connect: how much, and how quickly, will our tester improve using Cobra Connect?

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Mon, 30 Apr 2018

We’re running a trial with Cobra to find the answer to a simple question: does Cobra Connect work?


The system claims to provide stunning improvements. Arccos, which powers the system, crunched the numbers in 2016 and found that golfers using their tech improved 36 times faster than your average player not using the system, 86% of customers played better, and on average they took three shots off their handicap per year.

To find out how the system works and what it does, watch the video below. 


We got GolfMagic reader Adam Harris fitted to a new set of Cobra irons - the Forged Tec Black - which come as standard with Cobra Connect embedded in the grip. Cobra gave him additional sensors to stick in his clubs, and sent him on his merry way to test out the new system.

See Adam's initial thoughts on his new irons and Cobra Connect in the video below. 

Adam's been out and played a round at Hadley Wood with his new clubs with Cobra Connect. See how he got on in the video below...


We’ll be checking in with Adam over the next few months to see how quickly and by how much he improves.




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