Illegal wedge from MAZEL Golf shows crazy results

A recent review by The Average Golfer showed the incredible results of this non-conforming wedge.

Illegal wedge from MAZEL Golf shows crazy results
Illegal wedge from MAZEL Golf shows crazy results

You might not have heard of MAZEL Golf before, but the company based in China produce an array of golf clubs, but the one that stands out the most is the brand's extremely unique and seemingly pointless sand wedge.

The MAZEL wedge features a hollow groove design - which is highly illegal - that helps the club travel through the sand with a lot less friction, making it much easier to pop the ball out of the bunker.

Andy from The Average Golfer recently put the illegal wedge to the test and he was very surprised with how it performed. Watch it for yourself below:



Now as impressed as Andy was with the MAZEL wedge, as I mentioned earlier, this club is very illegal to use in competitions.

The R&A rules clearly state that a "Sand wedge with hole through the head designed to help head cut through the sand (non-conforming)" meaning that this wedge cannot be used in tournaments.

The width of the grooves are also too far apart, another factor in why the MAZEL wedge is a non-conforming golf club.

Illegal wedge from MAZEL Golf shows crazy results

As illegal as it is, seeing how well the club performed was very surprising. Given that it has a hollow face design, I expected to see it fly out of the bunker as easy as it did for Andy, but what surprised me and the rest of the team here at GolfMagic was the control Andy was getting around the greens and the solid strikes on full pitch shots.

Illegal wedge from MAZEL Golf shows crazy results

It seems a very strange decision to manufacture a non-conforming club, although some golfers may use it to grow some confidence during their practice rounds, as the club has an extremely wide sole and therefor a lot of bounce and forgiveness.

That being said, the club costs $99 on the MAZEL website or £76 on Amazon. To put that price into perspective, you could buy a TaylorMade Milled Grind wedge on Amazon for £79.99, one of the most successful wedges over the past few years, so we can't see people forking out such a high price on a non-conforming club.

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