Pimp out your putter with Embrace Putters - the cool custom putter refinishers!

Fancy pimping out your putter? Just wait until you've seen the finishing touches to these magic wands...

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Tue, 3 Nov 2020
Pimp out your putter with Embrace Putters - the cool custom putter refinishers!

Ever wanted to jazz up your putter? If so, you will want to pay a visit to Arizona-based Embrace Putters, a company that specialises in custom putter refinishing, and they even accept worldwide orders.

We first came across Embrace Putters on Instagram over the weekend, and we were instantly drawn to this Scotty Cameron / Nike Air Jordan work of art. 



We also loved some of these other designs. Check them out below:







Taking a quick look on the company's website, and it would appear there is a simple four-step process to get the putter of your dreams.

1) Customise your putter by submitting an online order form.

2) Via the online order form, select a finish option and any additional services you desire.

3) Once your order form is complete, ship your putter to the EP workshop to begin.

4) Upon completion, pictures of your putter and any outstanding fees will be emailed to you before EP returns your putter.


Here's a look at their prices: 

Face Remill - $55.00

Paint Splatter - $35.00

Logo/Engraving - $60.00

Elephant Print - $90.00

Camo Etching - $90.00

Snakeskin Print - $90.00

Hand Stamping - $15.00 (up to 4 Characters), $30.00 (5 - 10 Characters), $45.00 (11+ Characters)

Add Site line - $55.00

Add Site dot - $35.00

Cherry Bomb/Tour Dot - $35.00

Bullletback Conversion - $75.00

Sound Slot - $85.00

Detour Copper Face Insert - $120.00

Studio Style Copper Face Insert - $90.00

Copper Plate Weights/Face Insert - $60.00 (weights/insert)

New Shaft - $30.00 (Chrome), $45.00 (Black Shaft), $200.00 (Stability Tour)

Weld Neck - $150.00

Welded Twist Neck - $270.00