PowaKaddy rolls out upgraded Freeway trolleys for 2017

Digital screens, calorie counters, increased warranty - PowaKaddy have spruced up their popular trolley range

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Wed, 1 Mar 2017
PowaKaddy rolls out upgraded Freeway trolleys for 2017


PowaKaddy has rolled out improvements to its most popular Freeway trolley range.

The FW3, FW5 and FW7 trolley, which became the first trolley family to gross over half a million sales, all receive an upgrade in 2017.

The FW3i and FW5i have digital screens, a digital power gauge and battery fuel indicator.

The FW7s trolley gets a new colour frame and soft touch handle. Including a 3.5 inch Full Colour Widescreen, the FW7 also counts calories burned while playing a round.


The performance of the Freeway range last year exceeded our expectations, but we’re not resting on our laurels and we’re really excited about the new line-up for 2017 - PowaKaddy CEO David Catford.

“Whilst we’ve invested significantly in the new family – particularly with the new digital screens – we’ve kept the price points the same as last year, so golfers really are getting fantastic value with the latest Freeway range.

“Added to that is the new full five-year warranty on all Plug ‘n’ Play Lithium batteries, which offers golfers even more peace of mind when they invest in a PowaKaddy Lithium trolley,” added Catford.

Available in 18 or 36 hole options, the PowaKaddy Lithium battery has a management system that protects the life of the battery and provides up to five times longer lifespan than an acid version.

PowaKaddy FW3i - Price: £499.99 (18 hole battery) £549.99 (36)

- Optional Electronic Braking System (£699.99 for 18 hole battery, £749.99 36 hole)

- Quiet 200W motor

- Ambidextrous soft T-bar grip

- Power, pause resume function

- New digital screen

- New digital power guage

- New battery fuel indicator

- Plug n play system

- Powaframe chasis

- Thinnest lithium battery on market

PowaKaddy FW5i - £549.99 (18 hole battery) £599.99 (36)

- New full colour widescreen display

- New digital power guage

- New enhanced battery fuel guage

- Plug n play

- Powaframe chassis

- 200w motor

- Thinnest lithium battery

- 2 year warranty

- USB charging port

PowaKaddy FW7s - £639.99 (18 hole battery) £699.99 (36)

- New frame colour and soft touch handle trims

- New frame graphics and front wheel style with yellow trims

- 3.5 inch Full Colour Widescreen display

- Plug n Play

- Powaframe chassis

- Thinnest lithium battery

- Free 3 year warranty

- USB charging port

Head to the PowaKaddy website for more.