Srixon releases refreshed Z-STAR golf ball series for 2023

The new Srixon Z-STAR golf ball series gives players more bite for more spin.

Srixon releases refreshed Z-STAR golf ball series for 2023
Srixon releases refreshed Z-STAR golf ball series for 2023
Srixon has announced its eighth generation Z-STAR Series golf ball, scheduled to hit the shelves from February 24.

Made with an extra thin, urethane cover that provides tour level stopping power around the greens, the Srixon Z-STAR Series gives players more bite for more spin. 

Paired with the new Spin Skin+ to increase the cover’s degree of friction to enhance approach shots and greenside spin on every shot, Srixon claims this new generation will offer unmatched performance and feel. 

Srixon releases refreshed Z-STAR golf ball series for 2023

“Finding the right golf ball for your game is just as important as finding the right irons or driver,” said Joe Miller, Product expert at Srixon Sports Europe

“It's the one piece of equipment you use on every single shot, which is why technological advances like the new Spin Skin+ and FastLayer DG Core give players confidence that their ball is going to react how it should and excel in every category that matters – more spin, bite, and speed.” 

Inside the Z-STAR Series is the new FastLayer DG Core, which is soft at the centre and gets firmer from the inside out. The design of this core is intended to maintain a satisfying feel, while also providing ball speed. 

The Z-STAR is engineered with a thin mid-layer and softer compression to prioritize softer feel and approach shot spin, while the Z-STAR DIAMOND has a firmer compression to optimize iron spin and distance.

Srixon releases refreshed Z-STAR golf ball series for 2023

The Z-STAR XV’s unique core achieves a soft centre that increases dramatically in hardness with an evenly distributed hard outer edge, which boosts ball speed for increased distance and enhances iron spin. 

Each Z-STAR Series ball features Speed Dimple, the 338 aerodynamic dimples improving overall launch even when wind conditions aren’t ideal. Its deep dimensions create a low drag coefficient that helps the ball stay on target and maintain distance, while keeping a penetrating ball flight in headwinds. 

Included in the Z-STAR Series is the Srixon Z-STAR DIVIDE golf ball. With its unique 50/50 Visual Performance in Yellow/White, this ball is a high-performance, tour-quality option made to see the game in a whole new way.

“The visual feedback on its own is one of the most beneficial features of the DIVIDE ball,” Miller says. “The ability to track your spin in the air and around the greens will help with overall consistency, and with the one of a kind 360° line you’ll be able to see your line more clearly and perfect your roll on the greens.” 

Srixon releases refreshed Z-STAR golf ball series for 2023

The Z-STAR DIVIDE feature Srixon’s new FastLayer DG Core, new Spin Skin+, and Speed Dimple. 

Key Innovations Inside Z-STAR Series Golf Ball:

• New FastLayer DG Core: Starts soft in the centre and dramatically becomes firm around its edge, giving high-speed players exceptional feel and plenty of ball speed for maximum distance. 
• New Spin Skin+: A durable coating that digs deep into your Wedge and Iron grooves, maximizing spin for better control and stopping power.
• Speed Dimple: Less drag and more lift boosts overall distance and flies straight, even in the toughest wind conditions.

Retail Information and Pricing:


Srixon’s Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV are available in Pure White and Tour Yellow, while the Z-STAR DIAMOND will be available in Pure White. 

For more information, please visit the Srixon website

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