TaylorMade launch M3 and M4 driver, fairway wood and hybrid

TaylorMade M3 and M4 driver, fairway and hybrid: welcome to Twist Face! 

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Tue, 2 Jan 2018

TaylorMade has revealed its new M3 and M4 drivers for 2017, debuting breakthrough forgiveness technology Twist Face.

“From the creation of the first metalwood in 1979, TaylorMade has established a legacy of breaking from tradition to reach new thresholds of performance. In 2018, we have once again uncovered a new frontier of driving potential with Twist FaceTechnology — a radical departure from traditional driver-face design, engineered to correct for inherent human swing tendencies in real-time, giving golfers a tangible competitive advantage.” — Brian Bazzel, Vice President, Product Creation.


Twist Face

Featuring in both the new M3 and M4 drivers, Twist Face technology is designed to counteract the gear effect of hitting from the high toe and low heel. The new technology manipulates the face angle on the driver for off-centre shots, for longer, straighter hits.  

Due to “bulge and roll”, a shot with a traditional driver hit from the high toe would hook - Twist Face opens the face on the toe end of the driver and adds loft to straighten out the shot.

Similarly, a low heel shot would usually shoot and bend to the right - Twist Face de-lofts and closes the face to minimise the miss.

TaylorMade studied more than a million shots to look at head presentation (in

out path, angle of attack, loft, impact location) initial launch conditions and final landing location of the golf ball.

Their conclusion is that bulge and roll - which has remained unchallenged for more than 100 years - has deep flaws.

When crunching the numbers, TaylorMade saw shots hit from the high toe were starting left of target with low spin while low face, heel hits were heading right with more spin.


TaylorMade M3 driver

Alongside Twist Face technology is a new Hammerhead slot which revolutionises TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket. Housed in the sole, this slot works in combination with Twist Face and Inverted Cone technologies for maximum ballspeed across a larger area of the face, creating more forgiveness. Three elements create the design; the central Speed Pocket, the face geometry and the stiffening ribs.

TaylorMade were able to increase the length of the Speed Pocket from 82mm to 100mm by dividing it into zones. This allows for a bigger flexible zone, and by using the new ribs to decrease decrease thickness and weight of the face, it allowed for a more flexible face for higher ball speeds.  

A new matte silver front section and a raised, aerodynamic five-layer carbon composite crown which is one of the lightest, thinnest panel in the industry in 2018.

A new Y-Track weight system connects a heel and toe track, allowing for a massive 22 grams (two 11 gram weights) to be manipulated, offering heel to toe and front to back weight adjustments. There are over 1,000 settings available to golfers.

With the weight in the back, the CG is 36% further back than in the 2017 M1, making MOI 10% higher. Total front/back CG movement has been improved by 83%.

A 12 position, 4-degree aluminium loft sleeve adds further adjustment capability.


The TaylorMade M3 driver is also available in a 440cc version (9° & 10°), offering a smaller and deeper head, while offering all the same technologies as the 460cc model.

Lofts: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° & 12°

Shafts: MCA’s popular Tensei CK Red (high launch), Blue (mid launch) or White (low launch)

Grip: Lamkin UTx cord
TaylorMade is also once again offering more than two dozen additional premium custom shaft options at no upcharge.

Price: £479
Pre-order 1 February, retail 16 February.


M3 Fairway wood

Made with a 450 stainless steel body, strong Ni-Co C300 face and new thinner 5-layer carbon composite crown. The track system is improved in 2018 with more four grams more moveable weight allowing for fade or draw bias.

Like the driver, the M3 fairway has a thin, light crown and sole panel. Weight is placed low and forward for a high launch, low spin shot.

The sliding weight system has a new smaller loft sleeve, while the new track is designed for better turf interaction.

A smaller screw head and port area to the loft sleeve takes us less room on the sole, allowing the Speed Pocket to perform better.

Lofts: 15° (3) ,17°(3HL) and19°
Shafts: MCA Tensei Blue shaft in A, R & S flexes (65g) and X flex (75g)
Grip: Lamkin UTx cord grip

Price: £279
16 February

TaylorMade M3 hybrid

Offering three grams more moveable weight compared to last year and a new look with a two-tone matte silver front section and gloss black back body.

The sole houses an adjustable weight system, offering draw/fade options. The head also has a three-degree lightweight aluminium loft sleeve.

Lofts: 17° (2) , 19° (3), 21° (4) and 24° (5)
Shaft: MCA Tensei Blue hybrid
Grip: Lamkin UTx cord grip

Price: £239
16 February

TaylorMade M4 driver

The new TaylorMade M4 driver is designed for ultimate forgiveness, making the most of Twist Face and Hammerhead technologies like the M3, while also implementing GeoCoustic engineering.

Geocoustic Technology

This combines geometry and acoustical engineering for better sound and forgiveness. Flat soled drivers with low CG can sometimes sound nasty, so TaylorMade slightly curved the sole and altered discretionary volume for better frequencies.

The new M4 face is reduces from 4.47mm to 3.6mm, while the mass of the face is also reduced.

There is an M4 D-type driver for those golfers that suffer with a fade/slice. This high-launching, draw-biased driver has 41 grams of weight in the heel and a slight offset, while also using visual cues to promote a square face at address.

Lofts: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° & 12°
Shafts: Fujikura Atmos Red shaft in 6X, 5S, 5R, 5A
Grip: TM/Lamkin Dual Feel grip

Price: £369
16 February

TaylorMade M4 fairway wood

The M4 fairway wood combines multi-material construction, Speed Pocket, Geocoustic Technology and ICT integration for maximum distance and forgiveness.

A new split-weight mass pad separates weight at the outside of the club for higher ballspeeds on off-centre shots.

A thinner Ni-Co C300 face and Inverted Cone Technology increases COR for extra forgiveness.

There is a Tour version coming out with a smaller head - 156cc rather than 175cc.

Lofts: 15° (3), 16.5° (3 HL)& 18° (5), 21° (5HL) and 24° (7 HL)
Shafts: Fujikura’s Atmos Red 75g 6S, 6R, 5A
Grip: Lamkin Dual Feel

Price: £229
16 February

 TaylorMade launch M3 and M4 driver, fairway wood and hybrid

TaylorMade M4 hybrid

Designed to offer power, control and forgiveness. A two-tone crown with a matte silver front and gloss back section.

Boasts a cut-through Speed Pocket to increase launch and ballspeeds hit below the centre face. Has a split-weight mass pad like seen in the M4. A Geocoustic sole, design and a short, fluted hosel optimise sound and feel.

Price: £199
16 February

Lofts:  19° (3), 22°(4), 25° (5) and 28° (6)
Grip: Winn Dual Fee