Vice Golf x Erik Anders Lang: Limited Golf Ball Edition

Each ball in the Vice PRO PLUS EAL features the number 17b...

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Fri, 31 Jul 2020

Together with TV producer, YouTuber and Random Golf Club founder Erik Anders Lang, Vice Golf presents the first joint ball edition: The Vice PRO PLUS EAL.

Strictly limited to 500 dozen, this special edition is available at from £2.49 per ball. Each ball in the Vice PRO PLUS EAL features the number 17b, unlike standard Vice Golf balls, and includes a "Random Golf Club" log print, as well as individual ball packaging in matte black and the Random Golf Club logo pattern on the front. 

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Collectors and golf gourmets will find numerous details in this edition that make this edition something very special - from the matte feel of the individual dozen and sleeve packaging to the design of the golf ball in matte red.

Random Golf Club, founded by Erik, is a new concept originally aimed at golfers who do not have membership and are interested in playing golf, meeting new golfers and developing a sense of belonging to a group.

Detached from flight sizes, it is a togetherness, an experience to stroll, golf, and chat over the fairways with 40, 50, sometimes 70 golfers, which is different at every meeting.


Vice Golf and Random Golf Club share a common philosophy of representing golfers who have a good time on the course, can laugh at bad shots and enjoy the magic of the courses and break out of the patterns of elitist, traditional golfing of the past.

Laughing at bad shots is the Random Golf Club's guiding principle: the number 17b, which is printed on every golf ball in this limited edition.

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