WATCH: Custom fitting experience with HONMA

GolfMagic learns more about HONMA Golf, the brand that Justin Rose left TaylorMade for...

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Mon, 3 Jun 2019
HONMA custom fitting experience

Justin Rose leaving TaylorMade for HONMA was one of the biggest brand shocks in recent years and not many people know too much about the Japanese giants, but that's beginning to change.

HONMA Golf has a 60 year history, crafting high quality golf clubs from Japan, where every one of its shafts are hand rolled by master craftsmen, something no other brand can offer.

Previous clubs released by HONMA have been far too expensive for the general golfing public, with prices for a set of clubs reaching up to £60,000.

But recently, HONMA has started to produce golf clubs at a much more affordable price and it seems many other golf brands seem to be increasing its prices and with Justin Rose already winning with his new clubs, will we start to see more of HONMA out on the course?

GolfMagic recently went down to Farleigh Golf Club for a HONMA custom fitting experience and some of the options available reallyare stunning...

HONMA Custom Fitting Experience