BIG MAX Blade IP Push Trolley Review: Best Golf Push Trolley 2022

GolfMagic takes BIG MAX's latest Blade IP Trolley out for a spin. 

BIG MAX Blade IP Push Trolley Review: Best Golf Push Trolley 2022
BIG MAX Blade IP Push Trolley Review: Best Golf Push Trolley 2022
Smooth ride; easy to operate; compact; stable; looks great
Quite pricey for a push trolley but a solid investment to your game

When it comes to the latest and greatest push trolleys on the market, few have impressed us more this season than the BIG MAX Blade IP.

Sometimes push trolleys can be a little fiddly to put together but there are no such issues with the Blade IP with its one-fold system where you do not even need to remove the wheels, which is a wheely nice touch. 

Straight out the boot of the car, everything is in front of you and it takes approximately 30 seconds to get everything up and running to take onto the course. 

The trolley is ultra compact, certainly more so than any other push trolley we have used in recent times - and this makes it great to not only store at home or in your garage, but also makes it easy to pack into the boot of the car or on the back seats. 

Out on the course, this sleek, stylish, modern push trolley comes into its own with its adjustable brackets that suit most golf bags - another nice touch as some out there only fit certain types. You could easily get a tour bag on this trolley if you fancied it. 

The adjustable upper bag brackets help you to position your bag perfectly and feature Quick Attach points for handy accessories like the Drop-Stop Rainsystem. When the brackets are perfectly in place, you just have to close the mechanism with one simple move.

The Blade IP also has compartments for your scorecard and valuables, as well as net pocket to hold your drink and holders for pencils, pens and golf balls. 

The trolley is available in white, which we tested out, and also black. 

Key Features

  • One Fold System & Double Parking Brake
  • Sturdy & Compact (for easy transportation)
  • Adjustable Brackets (to suit all bags)
  • Ergonomic Height Adjustable Handle & Accessory Station


Sleek, stylish and sturdy - the very best push trolley we have tested so far this season.

It's a tad pricey at £300 but very much an investment in your golf game.

Its one-fold mechanism makes it possible to fold the BIG MAX Blade IP blade trolley around 40% smaller than comparable products in the ultra-compact category, and that is a huge positive. 

Well worth a look if you are in the market for a premium push trolley. 

(HxWxD) 88x 62 x 12.5 cm, Weight 6.5 kg.

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