Powakaddy FW7s GPS electric trolley review

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review: in-built GPS in a premium shell. 

Top aesthetics, tech all in handle, simple to use

Powakaddy’s FW7s GPS electric trolley is an industry-leading product.

Alongside the Motocaddy’s S5 Connect, this is the only electric trolley on the market offering in-built GPS. The main difference between the two being the Motocaddy product works in conjunction with a phone app, while the Powakaddy works through the technology in the handle.


Premium, classy, slick. The black finish with flashes of yellow give this a modern, luxurious feel. It has pleasing lines, and does not feel chunky as many trolleys do.

Powakaddy make some of the best looking trolleys on the market, and in this department it trumps the S5 Connect.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS electric trolley review


To get started, it’s particularly easy as the trolley is simple to erect and dismantle, and to play golf users merely need go through a couple clicks on the handle.

There are over 35,000 courses pre-loaded, but if you do need to add yours it can be done simply by linking it up to wi-fi.

Tested against various GPS and range finders, we found the yardages to greens and hazards to be very accurate.

If you are a golfer who does not always take their trolley to the tee - or if the tee does not allow for the trolley to be parked alongside it - there can be issues as you will not get an accurate yardage.

The tech in the handle also allows users to mark their score, count steps taken and count calories.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS electric trolley review

The display is large and easy to read, and is simple to navigate. On the left side of the screen is the trolley functions - speed etc - while on the right is the GPS. 

A function we have seen in some other trolleys that we really like allows users to send their trolleys off certain yardages, and the FW7s employs this this. Golfers can send their carts off five to 50 yards.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS electric trolley review

Powakaddy’s Plug ‘n’ Play system makes charging simple, and the light and thin lithium battery is easy to slot into place and transport.

There is a USB charging port allowing users to juice up their phone while playing.


Offers accurate yardages in the handle, and is simple to use. Top aesthetics, and the battery is light and easy to charge.

At £200 more than the Motocaddy S5, users will have to weigh up whether they prefer not having the system linked to their phone and the pros/cons that come with this.

Head to the Powakaddy website for more. 

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