Stewart Golf Q FOLLOW & Q REMOTE Review - The best trolley we have ever tried!

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Matt Chivers
Mon, 7 Jun 2021
Stewart Golf Q FOLLOW & Q REMOTE Review - The best trolley we have ever tried!

Need To Know

- Each trolley is easy to use and can be folded down into a compact size. The innovative technology and remote modes are brilliant, while the Q Follow features revolutionary technology never seen before.
- Although the products are superb, they may be just outside of some people's budgets.
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PRICE: £1649.00 YEAR: from 2021

In this video, Alex from GolfMagic reviews the Stewart Golf Q FOLLOW & Q REMOTE golf trolleys at Mannings Heath Golf and Wine Estate to see how good they were.

The Q Follow and Q Remote trolleys by Stewart Golf are arguably the best golf trolleys that have ever been produced, and certainly some of the best products that GolfMagic have seen.

Both trolleys are remote controlled and used innovative technology to increase their mobility and practicality in terms of transport to and from the course.

Although they are both available at premium prices, GolfMagic believes they provide value with their robustness, reliability and pure technological qualities.

They are both compact and strong and can deal with slopes and hills. They are both extremely easy to use with their remote and cruise control modes.

Our equipment editor Alex took the Stewart Golf Q FOLLOW & Q REMOTE golf trolleys to Mannings Heath Golf & Wine Estate to review the items.





These trolleys are some of the most advanced and impressive products that GolfMagic have ever produced and we will start with the Q Remote.

The Q Remote is the cheaper of the two models at £999 and this still comes in at extremely good value for the features and innovation that is found with this product.

It comes with remote and manual modes and it is said to be the most compact golf trolley ever. It can fold down in less than 30 seconds and it can fit into almost any car.

By using the remote, you have compete control but it also comes with a cruise control setting too. The trolley comes with Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging and full directional control.

The trolley can travel 50 metres in range using the remote control, which is a much longer distance than it sounds. 

It also has a retractable stabiliser which automatically deploys when the trolley is unfolded. The trolley is coupled with duel bearing free rolling wheels which make it a strong product.

You never have to worry about it falling over and it has a smart battery which can last between 18 holes and 36 holes. The Stewart Golf app can tell you how much juice is left in the battery.

The Q Follow, which costs £1649, has all of the above features that we see in the Q Remote, but it has one incredible feature that makes it stand out.

Revolutionary technology allows the trolley to literally follow you up the fairway. It follows the remote control in your hand as it adjusts for speed and direction.

This means that this trolley also has a third feature on top of the remote and manual modes, making for a superb product.

GolfMagic Verdict

Both of the trolleys, despite their big prices, are solid investments which will easily last for between five and 10 years and probably beyond.

As you can see by the video, Alex thoroughly enjoyed using the trolleys on the golf course and it shows that even if you are not playing well, the day can still be enjoyable.

These trolleys add an entertainment element of navigating the golf course and it can make a golf round more fun and relaxing.

The Q Remote is arguably easier to become accustomed to the quickest, as it doesn't have the follow feature. It is also robust and it will instantly reassure you on slopes and steep hills.

Both trolleys tick every box in terms of mobility, control and reliability and the innovative technology justifies the prices, so you won't be disappointed.