OGIO Alpha Max Cyber Camo Golf Travel Cover

The OGIO Alpha Max golf travel cover was the perfect partner on my golf holiday with its standout colour and easy-to-use nature.

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Matt Chivers
Fri, 3 Feb 2023
OGIO Alpha Max Cyber Camo Golf Travel Cover

Need To Know

- The Cyber Camo colour scheme is superb and it stands out when you go travelling. - It is very spacious with two external pockets which allows you to add more luggage. - The strap inside of the travel cover secures your golf clubs and stops them from moving around when travelling.
-Some people might not like the colour, as this feature is down to personal preference.
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PRICE: £279.00 YEAR: from 2023

OGIO Europe has released a brand-new line of vibrant golf travel cover designs to make travel easier and comfier for all golfers in 2023.

These bags are designed to stand out from the crowd. OGIO's latest selection of Alpha travel covers has been released in a number of patterns and in keeping with the brand's effort to push design boundaries.

The OGIO Alpha Max golf travel cover in Cyber Camo is designed to fit all golf bags including larger tour staff bags. It has 360-degree reinforced foam padding for premium club protection.

It comes with integrated OGIO SLED technology with oversized heavy-duty wheels for a smooth ride and impact protection.

There are two internal compression straps that reduce the movement of your golf clubs in transit and there are also three external webbing compression straps.

It has a heavy-duty ballistic 1680D polyester body and an interior mesh pocket too. There is a clear contact card holder and two front accessory pockets with removable panels.

My experience

I took the OGIO Alpha Max golf travel cover with me to Costa Navarino in Greece where I spoke exclusively to Jose Maria Olazabal as he hosted a charity Pro-Am across two days.

The travel cover is very spacious. In previous trips I've had abroad, I have found my travel cover to be quite tight with not a lot of room left after my golf bag to put clothes and shoes in too.

This was an element I was impressed with because I was able to add more things to the travel cover to alleviate the load on my other luggage. The best thing about this travel cover, however, is the colour.

The Cyber Camo design made the travel cover stand out amongst all of the other luggage bags. It is the perfect design for picking out your luggage on the baggage reclaim conveyor belt in the airport.

The colour scheme is far more exciting than a regular black travel cover and this cover definitely represents the theory behind OGIO's most recent designs.

They stand out from the rest and this theme of colour and vibrance exists in all of OGIO's new travel covers, whether they are backpacks, golf club travel covers or suitcases.

I didn't find the travel cover too heavy to pull when I was on the move and the wheels on the bottom meant that you could smoothly manoeuvre without any issues.

The travel cover has two additional zipped pockets which are also extremely useful for storage. I was able to pack shoes into one of these pockets and they provided extra room to pack things in general.

The strap on the inside of the bag was very useful. My golf clubs felt tightly secured and ready to go when I travelled to and from Greece.


I look forward to the next time I go abroad to play golf. Not just because I'll be playing golf in nice weather, but to use the OGIO Alpha Max golf travel cover.

The Cyber Camo colour is my favourite colour of all the new designs that OGIO has released in 2023. It stands out from every other piece of luggage in the airport and this is an attractive feature.

It was smooth and easy to use. I was able to store a lot of luggage in this travel cover, as well as my golf bag. The two external pockets were also extremely useful for storing golf shoes and other things.