We tried BROOKS KOEPKA'S new golf ball | Srixon Z-Star Diamond Review

Alex from GolfMagic tested the brand new Srixon Z-Star Diamond golf ball at various locations to compare its qualities to previous models.

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Matt Chivers
Wed, 26 Jan 2022
We tried BROOKS KOEPKA'S new golf ball | Srixon Z-Star Diamond Review

Need To Know

- The new Srixon Z-Star Diamond delivers with fantastic feel, distance and ball speed.
- The feel from the putter face is a bit firm and similar to previous models.
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PRICE: £39.99 YEAR: from 2022

Brooks Koepka signed a new equipment deal with Srixon at the end of 2021 and this was one of the biggest player moves in recent years.

The four-time major champion is also putting the brand new Srixon Z-Star Diamond golf ball in play, aiming to build on his superb PGA Tour career so far.

Alex reviewed the new ball and compared its performance to previous models such as the Srixon Z-Star and the Srixon Z-Star XV.

In terms of ball speed and spin rate, the Srixon Z-Star Diamond produces consistent numbers in both departments, similar to its predecessors.



This new ball has been built with a FastLayer Core. They are soft in the centre but become harder on the edges. The ball suits players with faster swing speeds.

In this way, the Srixon Z-Star Diamond golf ball is suited to tour players and should be avoided by mid to high handicappers.

This ball could be the direct competitor to the Titleist Pro V1 in 2022 due to the consistency of data that Alex found at Silvermere Golf Club.

The main qualities lie in the spin rate and the sound and feel off the clubface. These are the key improvements that have been made by the brand.

The only concern that Alex notices is with putting. The ball feels firm which is a similar characteristic to the Z-Star XV.

Nonetheless, this brand new ball could be the best of 2022. The ball speeds and distances are fantastic and the feel is pure.