FootJoy RainGrip Xtreme glove review

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Tue, 1 Nov 2016
FootJoy RainGrip Xtreme glove review

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Offers sufficient grip when wet
Dampens feel
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PRICE: £16.00 YEAR: from 2016

FootJoy RainGrip Xtreme glove review

Playing golf in the rain can be a dangerous game. Golf gloves turn into waxy surfaces when they come into contact with water, turning into runways for your clubs.

FootJoy – the most popular glove brand in golf – came to the rescue of those hardy souls that play on through rain, wind or shine (or players that don’t check the forecast).

Their rain glove is designed to offer supreme grip no matter the rate of precipitation, allowing you to go on playing through the harshest of downpours.


As to be expected, not as sleek or chic as a summer glove but FJ has done a decent job to make it look attractive.

The dark colours hide any wear and tear that is likely to come from harsh conditions.


Particularly comfortable because the glove has a slightly cushioned feel to it, which becomes more compact when wet.

As the name suggests, this product comes into its own when it comes into contact with liquid. The autosuede knit palm becomes more tacky, and we felt confident we could swing at 100% and feel in control of the driver.

The tee band on the side of the glove is a clever addition, as when the conditions are horrible you’ll probably also be wearing a waterproof suit, meaning you’ll have hundreds of pockets on the go at once.

You’ll want to carry this in the bag and put it on when needed rather than wear it all the time, as feel is somewhat diminished and it can get a bit toasty.


Does the job it’s designed to do. Becomes more tacky when wet and provides sufficient grip to swing hard.

Not to be warn at all times, but to be carried in the bag and taken out when needed.

Head to the FJ site for more information.