PXG GEN6 Hybrid Review: "This could become our best club in the bag!"

GolfMagic heads over to the USA to be custom fit for the impressive PXG GEN6 Hybrid.

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 22 Mar 2023
PXG GEN6 Hybrid Review: "Our new favourite club in the bag!"

Need To Know

Ideal look for better players with its compact head; nice metallic feel about it; toe strikes were rewarded nicely
Spin rate climbed considerably when striking it low and out the heel; it's very expensive for a hybrid
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PRICE: £289.00 YEAR: from 2023

PXG GEN6 Hybrid - Key Features

After a very successful new PXG GEN6 iron fitting, it was time to see what the brand's new Hybrid was all about and once again it didn't let us down. 

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge met one of the PXG reps by the name of Jack at Scottsdale National GC in the USA and he was custom fit for the GEN6 Hybrid.  

There are two models in the GEN6 Hybrid  range, the 0311 GEN6 and 0311 XF GEN6.

We were fit for the 0311 GEN6

The goal of this custom fitting session was for Alex to dial in optimal numbers and improve that offline dispersion pattern. 

Alex will be testing this club out a lot more over the coming months, but check out the video below for his initial thoughts from his custom fitting session. 


Player Level: 

Better players due to the size of the head. 

PXG GEN6 Hybrid - Looks and Feel

On first look at the PXG 0311 GEN6 Hybrid, we noted a very compact clubhead down at the ball. 

This is a better player's hybrid for sure, or at least a golfer who doesn't want a large looking hybrid at address. 

There is another hybrid model (XF) in the range for game improvers who want something a little bigger behind the ball. 

In terms of feel, we noted a metallic feel that was quite similar to that of TaylorMade Rescue clubs. 

It's not dull or anything though, and it felt responsive to different parts of the face. 

PXG GEN6 Hybrid - Performance and Forgiveness

With this being a custom fitting session, there was no requirement to tackle distance here.

This session was solely about optimal numbers and overall better dispersion, which is exactly we want to unlock with a club such as a hybrid when playing to long par-3s or second shots into reachable par-5s and tough par-4s. 

In terms of the forgiveness here, we noted toe strikes and squiffy hits were rewarded very nicely indeed. 

However, when striking it low and off the heel, we saw the spin rate climb up considerably. 

Should I buy the PXG GEN6 Hybrid? 

This hybrid could become our favourite club in the bag with a bit more testing. We really like it, and we think better player's will do, too. 

Game improvers and higher handicap players will definitely want to look at PXG's alternative XF GEN6 Hybrid, or something else on the market.

We tried a lot of different things during the fitting session, such as changing the length, loft and shaft weight to dial in our optimum numbers.

And we eventually got there after hitting around 100 balls!

We settled on standard length in 17 degrees, with the weights in the heel to aid a draw bias. 

As we always say when you purchase a new golf club, make sure you opt for a custom fitting, especially if you take your golf seriously.

This new PXG Hybrid costs just shy of £300 as well, so you want to get the most out of it to help improve your game. 

If you do take the plunge, let us know how you get on by leaving us a comment on our PXG 0311 GEN6 Hybrid Review on YouTube.