XXIO Prime Hybrid Review: An ideal long iron replacement

XXIO's Prime hybrids offer outstanding forgiveness and power for slow-swing speed players looking to add distance to their game. 

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Mon, 6 Nov 2023
XXIO Prime Hybrid

Need To Know

Incredibly forgiving, ideal for slow swing speed players, very easy to launch
Very expensive
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PRICE: £439.00 YEAR: from 2023

XXIO Prime Hybrid Key Features

  • Rebound Frame:Rebound Frame is an alternating pattern of stiff and flexible zones that focuses more of your impact energy into the golf ball for increased ball speed and distance on every strike. 
  • ActivWing: By manipulating airflow with its airfoil shape—similar to those utilised by aircraft—ActivWing reduces clubhead bounce in the first half of your downswing. Just before impact, the airfoil generates lift, raising your clubhead and tightening your swing pattern for more sweet spot strikes.
  • Cannon Sole: A floating sole weight pad—designed in the shape of a cannon—keeps the Center of Gravity low for improved launch trajectory

If you struggle to hit your long irons consistently but still want to be able to reach long par 3s and 5s in regulation, then switching your 4-7 irons out for a set of hybrids could be a quick and easy way to bring your scores down. 

With that in mind, XXIO has created a range of clubs specifically designed to benefit slow swing players to retain power and accuracy from long range. 

Having tested the XXIO Prime Irons, we were optimistic that these hybrids would deliver on the promise of improved distance and ease of launch, so to fully appreciate the benefits they could provide, we took them down to the range, then out on the course to see how they performed. 

Let's get into it. 

Player Level
These hybrids are ideally suited to slow to medium-swing-speed players who want to gain as much distance and height as possible from the longer clubs in their bag. 
Thanks to the incredible power on offer, these clubs will add that extra level of punch to your ball flight with ease. 

XXIO Prime Hybrid: Looks and Feel

Much like the XXIO Prime irons that we also tested recently, these hybrids provide an incredibly bouncy feel at impact.

Aside from the XXIO Prime irons, it's a sensation we can honestly say we've not experienced before. If we could liken it to something, it would be similar to when you hit a golf ball with a tennis racket. The ball quite literally shoots off the face, which is not only an enjoyable experience, but it's also incredibly confidence-boosting.

Quite often, when hitting longer irons in the bag, even a tiny mishit can result in a dramatic drop in feel, which can, in turn, cause you to start second-guessing your ability and swing. However, with these hybrids, even when struck from slightly out of the heel or toe, you get that same pure feeling at impact, which was also reflected well in ball flight and distance.

While these hybrids excelled in the feel department, the look of them is a little bit more Marmite. Now, this is mainly down to our general dislike of gold on golf clubs, but we're going to put that aside for one moment in order to judge them slightly more objectively.

The sole of the club is very slick, with the cutaways framing the XXIO logo and central weight really nicely in the middle of the head. 

Down at address, the clubs also look very appealing, with a full black gloss finish also complimented nicely by a small step down from just behind the face. 

Personally, we think the oversized alignment aid is a little over the top, and something more subtle would not only look nicer but also be better for linking up the ball with the centre of the club face.

Another very luxurious touch XXIO has added is the detailing on the face. We love it when brands get creative with face designs, and this is one of the more extravagant ones we've seen. 

A series of smaller grooves separate the four large ones on the face, which are also then again split up through the centre by an ornate starburst pattern. 

All in all, we loved this added touch, and it adds a unique point of difference to the club. 

XXIO Prime Hybrid: Performance and Forgiveness

These hybrids are designed with a very specific golfer in mind—slow-swing speed players who are looking to gain an additional level of distance and forgiveness from their equipment.

Do these clubs follow through on that brief? Absolutely, they do.

We can honestly say these are some of the longest and easiest-to-hit hybrids we've ever tested. 

When analysing the performance of these clubs, it is worth first looking at the specs. Coming in at 28 degrees of loft for a seven hybrid, the clubs are set strong, but despite that, the distance and peak height were really impressive.

For comparison's sake, we usually carry our 7-iron about 165-170 yards. With the Prime XXIO 7-iron that was closer to 190 yards.

With the XXIO 7-hybrid, we were having absolutely no issue at all consistently carrying the ball over 200 yards. 

So those numbers should go a long way to revealing exactly why these clubs would be a good option for those golfers who have maybe lost a little speed over the years or need as much help from their clubs in order to tackle longer courses. 

The distance was impressive; it's as simple as that, but we were also really impressed with how high the ball was going. Again, it's worth noting that these clubs were probably spinning too much for us, but we aren't the target market.

That extra level of spin would be ideally suited to slower swing speeds in order to get the ball up and away. 

We touched on the forgiveness of these clubs when we discussed the feel from mishits, but the ability for them to also retain ball speed and accuracy was also staggering. 

Like any testing session, not every ball was coming out of the middle, but you would hardly have been able to tell if you were watching. 

Struck from high, low, left or right of centre, the ball never failed to launch with ease while maintaining distance and line. 

As you might have been able to tell if you have read this far, we were pretty impressed with how these clubs performed. Distance, forgiveness and ease of launch were all five star.

Should you buy the XXIO Prime Hybrids?

If you're a golfer who wants to add distance and forgiveness to their game, then these clubs could be the ideal solution.

A great long iron replacement, they offer explosive distance and an excellent level of forgiveness, especially for those who struggle to swing with speed.

However, there is a catch—the price. These hybrids cost a whopping £439 per club. So, while we were incredibly impressed with these clubs, the performance benefits will sadly be reserved for golfers who have very deep pockets. 

This price point is a little tricky to stomach, but if you have the cash and you want to see an instant improvement in your distance and ball flight, these clubs would be a savvy investment. 

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