HiPPO H120 Irons Review: Incredible performance for under £200

The HiPPO H120 irons combine unbeatable value with high-end performance for one of the best sets of budget irons we've ever tested.

HiPPO H120 irons
HiPPO H120 irons
Unbeatable value, outstanding performance, lovely feel at impact
Lack shelf appeal compared to more recognisable brands

HiPPO H120 Irons Key Features:

  • Set comes with eight clubs from 4-iron to sand wedge
  • H compression dampener: situated just behind the clubface and reduces unwanted vibration, this provides an improved, more comfortable and solid feel on every shot.
  • Speed Technology: The additional strength provided by construction behind the face provides greater ball speed across the entire face.

HiPPO is a brand that may be familiar to golfers around the world but one that seems to have drifted from the mainstream since it worked with some of the biggest names in golf, including John Daly and Ian Woosnam. 

The brand is back with a bang, though, and its product lines have really impressed us in testing. We were so keen on the H120s that they have gone straight into our best golf irons guide.

The H120 irons are aimed at the game improvement/player's distance market, and coming in at under £200 for an eight-iron set, they offer outstanding value that is tough to match in today's market. 

Keen to see how they would perform when put up against some of the big hitters like PING and TaylorMade, we took the irons down to Custom Golf Works in Woking to see how they performed on GC Quad before heading out to Foxhills Country Club for some on-course testing.

Let's get into it.

HiPPO H120 Irons
HiPPO H120 Irons

H120 Irons: Looks and Feel

Featuring a traditional cavity back design, with a good amount of offset and a relatively thick top-line, these clubs are pleasing to the eye when sat behind the ball.

The confidence-inspiring shape will undoubtedly appeal to golfers who don't consider themselves accomplished ball strikers, but it's not quite as chunky as a typical game-improvement iron, which makes it slightly more appealing both in hand and at address.

The design of the head itself is kept relatively simple, which we really liked. Sometimes, we feel brands trying to compete with the big boys in the market can try and overcomplicate aesthetics in an attempt to stand out, but the brand has done an excellent job of keeping the colour palette and overall finish quite understated, which got a big thumbs up from the GolfMagic team. 

The branding is placed inside the cavity and paired up nicely with a chrome and red chicane, which gives the back a dynamic and modern feel.

The black, silver and red combo works really nicely and brings the design together well for an understated but effective finish. 

While we were impressed with the overall look of these irons, we were honestly blown away by the feel of them. 

We hit iron after iron on the indoor simulator, and the sensation at impact was crips and punchy time and time again. As you would expect from a game improvement iron, the face feels hot, but what we were really impressed by was just how premium they felt, considering the low price point. 

The feel of a club is typically the first thing that tends to drop off with budget clubs, but we have to say the company has done an excellent job of retaining that solid sensation that players desire at impact.

HiPPO H120 Irons
HiPPO H120 Irons

H120 Irons: Performance and Forgiveness

To give you an idea of how much we liked hitting these irons, we can start this section by saying that when you have to take both performance and price into consideration, you will really struggle to find a better set of irons on the market. 

We started by hitting the H120s on the indoor simulator, and the numbers we were getting were fantastic. Typically carrying our 7-iron between 165 and 170 yards, we were really impressed to see that number increase when we put these irons into play. Easily carrying the ball between 175 to 180 yards, the power on offer is clear to see. 

HiPPO H120 Irons
HiPPO H120 Irons

It should be mentioned that the lofts on these irons are quite strong, so a little added distance didn't come as a huge surprise, but what did, was just how regularly and consistently we were able to hit those same numbers. 

The forgiveness on offer with these clubs was excellent. On the simulator, we must have hit roughly 50 7-irons, and the spread in offline dispersion was very minimal. Even when struck off-centre, we found that the ball was able to hold both line and distance remarkably well. 

Out on the course, we were eager to see just how the irons would interact with the turf and how easy they were to hit off softer terrain, so we put them through their paces on a variety of different lies and turf conditions to see how they got on. 

Even on softer ground and out of the rough, we were able to make crisp and clean contact, with the thick sole of the club working away nicely to ensure we were able to launch the ball high without fear of the leading edge digging into the turf.

When looking back at the overall performance of these irons, one thing really sticks in our mind: while they definitely fit into the budget category when it comes to price, there is absolutely nothing budget about how these clubs performed. 

Packing a real punch, with fantastic forgiveness and consistent spin and ball flight, these irons were honestly one of the biggest surprises of 2023.

HiPPO H120 Irons
HiPPO H120 Irons

Should you buy the H120 Irons?

Let's be honest: golf clubs these days aren't cheap. Typically, when you're looking to buy a set of premium irons, you can expect to pay anywhere up to £1,500 for a set, and frankly, that's not something everyone can or wants to do.

Thankfully, the brand has managed to create a truly fantastic set of irons that will only cost you a fraction of that price, and better yet, they look and perform like clubs well above their price point.

So, if you're a beginner or even a mid-to-high handicapper who's looking to buy a new set of irons on a budget, we can't recommend these highly enough.

Offering excellent performance, looks and feel, all for the very appetising price of £194.99, you should run, not walk, to get your hands on a set. 

If you want to buy yourself some H120s, head to the their website to begin building your set.


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