Callaway Apex Pro Irons Review: "Elite performance meets seamless blending"

Callaway's new Apex irons deliver sensational looks, first-class performance and exceptional blending opportunities to offer premium ball strikers outstanding results.

Callaway Apex Irons
Callaway Apex Irons
Excellent forgiveness for models aimed at elite ball strikers, polished satin finish looks beautiful in hand and at address, all models blend seamlessly together
Noticeable wear on the face and back after only a few rounds

Callaway's new Apex Irons have been engineered to provide Tour-level performance in three distinct models that can be used as one continuous set or blended together, to meet the demands of elite ball strikers.

The family is made up of the Apex Pro, Apex CB and Apex MB. Each iron has a particular set of characteristics, with workability and feel being the key focus. We were so impressed by the Pros, in particular, that they've gone straight into our best irons guide.

Following on from the extremely popular Apex 21 range, Callaway has made some impressive tech refinements in order to deliver even better performance.

Callaway Apex Irons
Callaway Apex Irons

So what are they? Well, there are three main new developments. The first being the use of an identical MIM weight that is placed in the back of all three models, allowing each set to not only blend together on a performance level but also on an aesthetic one.

The second is the introduction of a dynamic sole design to improve turf interaction. Featured across all three models, the newly designed sole has a pre-worn leading edge, and a trailing edge with additional relief to allow the club to enter and leave the turf with ease.

Last but by no means least, each model features progressive CG placement. What this means is the centre of gravity shifts to different positions dependent upon the iron, with the CG being lowest in the three iron and highest in the pitching wedge. 

The low CG helps you get the ball airborne in the longest irons, while the higher CG placement gives the more lofted clubs greater spin control and workability.

So the big question is, how do they perform?

Well, let's find out.

Callaway Apex Pro
Callaway Apex Pro

Callaway Apex Pro Irons

Key Features:

  • Urethane Microspheres dampen sound and deliver a premium, ultra soft feel
  • Forged hollow body construction delivers excellent forgiveness with premium workability
  • Dynamic sole design, engineered to improve turf interaction with a pre-worn leading and trailing edge

Designed to be the most forgiving of the three models, the Apex Pro irons have a hollow body construction that pairs a forged face with a forged 1025 carbon steel body. The result is an iron that feels incredibly soft at impact, but gives you a little more forgiveness than the CB and MB models.

The newly refined design has switched out from the all-chrome look of 2021 and swapped it for a polished satin finish, which we think is a massive improvement. Preventing glare and providing a more modern aesthetic, the new design looks fantastic both in hand and sat behind the ball.

The back of the club features the black MIM weight that can be seen throughout the range, and it contrasts nicely with the metallic body for a fantastic overall look.



While we did love the look of these clubs, after only a few uses, we did notice quite a lot of markings on the head. Having only been in the bag a short while, we were surprised to see the metal get scuffed quite so easily.

In terms of performance and feel, these irons are some of the best we've ever tested. Soft and responsive, the additional weight in the toe gave the head a really solid sensation that felt very stable at impact.  

Designed for elite ball strikers, the Apex Pros don't feel as hot off the face as the Callaway Paradym irons, but they offer much more workability. We were able to shape the ball both ways on command, which will really appeal to players who like to work the ball in the air.  

Sat behind the ball, the profile of these clubs can be quite intimidating, but the biggest surprise we experienced throughout testing was just how much forgiveness is on offer. 

Having hit blade-like irons in the past, that seem to fall out of the air from mis-hits, the Apex Pros managed to hold both distance and spin remarkably well when struck from the heel, toe, or high on the face. 

Should you buy the Apex Pro irons?

If you are a solid ball striker who wants a workable iron that can deliver excellent feel with slightly more forgiveness than a pure blade, then these are the irons for you.

Not only would these irons make an ideal continuous set, but they can also be blended seamlessly with the CB and MB models to provide added forgiveness in the longer irons.

Callaway Apex CB
Callaway Apex CB

Callaway Apex CB Irons

Key Features:

  • Body and face forged as one-piece with 1025 carbon steel to produces a buttery soft feel at impact
  • Strategically placed MIM weights create a perfectly balanced design for enhanced workability
  • Dynamic sole design, engineered to improve turf interaction with a pre-worn leading and trailing edge

With a slightly thinner topline and weaker lofts than the Apex Pro irons, the CBs are best suited to truly elite ball strikers.

The tour cavity back design is an update to the Apex TCB that has been incredibly popular on the PGA Tour, most notably used by Jon Rahm. 

The compact blade length and thin profile look beautiful behind the ball, albeit a little intimidating to us mere mortals, but in the hands of a low single-digit to scratch handicapper, it will look just right.  

Similar in looks to both the MB and Pro irons, the CBs have a polished satin finish with the back featuring a shallow cavity with a textured design.

Struck from the middle, these irons produce that buttery soft feel you can expect from a fully forged head, and even on mis-hits, while there is more feedback, you don't get that stingy sensation that can often come from a pure blade. 

Improved turf interaction was one of the key areas of development for these irons, and they do move beautifully through the ground. Taking healthy divots, the sole glides effortlessly through the turf for an all-around excellent striking experience. 

Should you buy the Callaway Apex CB Irons?

These irons are for one level of player and one level only. If you struggle with your ball striking, then you would be better off looking at Callaway's Paradym irons. 

However, elite ball strikers, and you know who you are, will be hard-pressed to find a better iron in terms of feel and performance. There's a reason Jon Rahm uses Callaway irons: it's because they offer fantastic performance and now even better aesthetics. 

So, if you pride yourself on pure ball striking, then these irons would make an excellent addition to your bag.

Callaway Apex MB
Callaway Apex MB

Callaway Apex MB Irons

Key Features:

  • One-piece 1025 carbon forged construction provides the purest feel imaginable
  • Dynamic sole design, engineered to improve turf interaction with a pre-worn leading and trailing edge

Now, onto the pure blade. First things first, these irons are beautiful. There's a little more going on at the back compared to, say, the PING Blueprint Irons or the TaylorMade P7 TW, but that's no bad thing at all.

The polished satin finish provides a lovely premium look, allowing the MIM weight to take centre stage at the back, with a single step-down giving the blade a sharp, sleek design that's both modern and sophisticated. 

The slender topline and compact blade length frame the ball nicely, and although quite intimidating in the long irons, they are truly a sight to behold. 

In terms of feel and performance, these MBs are right up there with the best blades we've ever tested. The fully forged one-piece construction is so soft it produces an almost phantom-like sensation when struck from the sweet spot. It's so pure you barely feel like you've hit the ball until you look up and see it rocketing through the sky. 

Sadly, our level of ball striking is not quite Tour level, so we did notice a drop-off in distance when we failed to find the centre of the clubface, but that's to be expected from a pure player's iron. 

What these irons lack in forgiveness, though, they more than makeup for in control and workability. Shot shaping is a paramount skill for top-level golfers, and these irons allow you to work the ball both ways with ease.

All in all, Callaway has once again excelled in creating a premium forged blade that will no doubt be a mainstay on Tour for years to come.

Should you buy the Callaway Apex MB Irons?

Just like the Apex CB irons, we would only recommend the MBs to highly accomplished golfers. The performance and feel are excellent, but unless you are what the golfing world refers to as a 'flusher', then you would perhaps be better suited to something that offers a bit more forgiveness.

However, if you do really appreciate the workability and control of a pure blade but need a little assistance in your longer irons, we would recommend a blended set with the MBs in your short irons and perhaps the Apex Pros from six iron up.


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