TaylorMade P·790 Irons Review: "The ultimate player's distance iron"

TaylorMade has set a high bar for its P·790 irons, so how does the newest offering from 2023 stack up against the older iterations?

TaylorMade P790
TaylorMade P790
Sleek new design is absolutely stunning, five-star power and forgiveness, premium feel and sound at impact
Performance improvement from 2021 is minimal

TaylorMade P790: Key Features

  • SpeedFoam Air: is 69% lighter than its predecessor to save 3.5g of weight, which is then redistributed for a better launch
  • FLTD CG: a strategic design that positions the centre of gravity (CG) lowest in long irons and progressively shifts it higher throughout the set
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket: is engineered to maximise forgiveness and provide additional ball speed on miss-hit low strikes off the face
  • AI-optimised internal structure: ensuring every gram of weight is strategically placed to deliver the best possible result with each specific iron.

Since their introduction in 2017, TaylorMade's P·790 range has been one of the most popular player's distance irons on the market.

Highly regarded for their ability to combine the sleek and slender look of a player's iron with the forgiveness and power of a game-improvement model, they have been an incredibly popular choice for golfers of all abilities since their first release.

This year, TaylorMade has launched the fourth generation of the forged hollow-body P·790 irons, and the key focus for the brand has been that "beauty lies within".

What does this mean exactly? Well, each iron has its own unique internal structure that has been developed with artificial intelligence to create an "unrivalled blend of distance, forgiveness and accuracy", according to TaylorMade's engineers. 

The AI-driven mass optimisation ensures that every gram of mass is utilised, with the most notable visual difference being a sound stabilisation bar that is featured in the three through seven irons. 

Each bar is uniquely shaped and positioned to optimise feel and performance by controlling the amount of unsupported space between the internal structure and the topline, resulting in the reduction of unwanted vibrations and the production of a premium forged feel at impact.

TaylorMade P790
TaylorMade P790

For the first time, P·790 also features FLTD CGTM, a strategic design that positions the centre of gravity (CG) lowest in long irons and progressively shifts it higher throughout the set.

This intuitive design concept allows for easier launch and more forgiveness in the long irons, while the shorter, weaker lofted irons are designed to control ball flight and optimise spin.


Eager to see how these irons compared to their predecessors, we took them for a spin, both on the course and indoors on the simulator, to see how they performed.

Let's get into it.

TaylorMade P790
TaylorMade P790

TaylorMade P·790 Irons: Looks and Feel

We absolutely love the look of these irons both in hand and at address. The sleek profile is refined but still manages to inspire confidence when sat behind the ball. 

The back has a step down from the sole that meets a chrome bar, which complements the satin finish on the rest of the head beautifully. The clean lines and subtle TaylorMade branding give the irons a very premium look and one that will undoubtedly have bags of shelf appeal when they hit stores. 

The look of these irons is actually the most notable point of difference between the third and fourth generations of P·790. 

While we were huge fans of the third generation of irons, TaylorMade has done the unthinkable and made the fourth generation even better looking. 

With minimal offset and a relatively thin topline, the club head looks outstanding at address and is undoubtedly one of the best-looking irons in the category. 

TaylorMade P790
TaylorMade P790

So how do they feel? The first thing we noticed when using the P·790s was how powerful they felt. The ball really rockets off the face, providing an incredibly satisfying sound and sensation at impact.  

Thanks to the SpeedFoam Air that's injected into the head, these irons pack one hell of a punch, and while that hot sensation is always lovely, it can often mean that the overall feel of the iron can sometimes be lacking. We're pleased to report that's not the case with the P·790s

The forged 4140 face is remarkably soft and, like a pure player's iron, strikes out of the middle feel like butter. 

Feedback felt across the face is fairly minimal due to the hollow body construction, and even when struck from the heel or toe, you don't receive that dead sensation you can sometimes experience from a pure blade. 

As expected, the overall appearance and feel of these irons is top-class. 

TaylorMade P790
TaylorMade P790

TaylorMade P790 Irons Performance and Forgiveness

While there has been a noticeable change in aesthetics for 2023, it's fair to say that the level of performance and forgiveness on offer from the new P·790s is less considerable. While that may sound like a bad thing, it couldn't be further from it.

The 2021 P·790s were considered by many to be the best irons of 2021, so even a slight improvement in performance would be a big achievement for TaylorMade. Did they manage to do it? Yes, they did.  

As previously mentioned, these irons feel hot off the face, and that sensation is reflected in the numbers we saw on TrackMan.

Using a six iron, we were able to generate 208 yards of carry distance at 138.8 mph ball speed. For comparison, during the same testing session, we used the 2021 iteration and received the following results: 205 yards of carry distance at 138.4 mph ball speed.

TaylorMade P790
TaylorMade P790

So what does this tell us? Well, first things first, there has been a slight improvement in average carry distance. Naturally, you will see a degree in variation of strikes when testing, but the numbers don't lie, and likely thanks to the newly engineered internal structure, the new P·790s do produce a little extra potency than their predecessors. 

During on-course testing, we also noticed that when struck out the middle, we were able to eke out that extra bit of distance through the air. 

So, we can chalk that down as a win for 2023's offering.

Now, onto forgiveness, and these irons offer plenty of it. In terms of both distance and accuracy, the P·790s are some of the best on the market.

The SpeedFoam Air does a fantastic job of retaining ball speed across the face, and thanks to the improved internal construction, we found that spin retention was excellent on off-centre strikes.


Even with the longer irons in the set, offline dispersion on toe or heel strikes was really tight, and as you can witness in the review video, our misses, even from upwards of 200 yards, were minimal. 

When you combine both the power and forgiveness on offer from these clubs, it's clear to see why so many high to mid-handicappers have chosen the P·790 range to improve their iron play.

Should you buy the TaylorMade P·790 Irons?

So, there are two answers to this question. The first answer is yes. These irons are fantastic and provide performance, feel, forgiveness and looks in equal measure. 

The P·790 range has been a dominant force in the player's distance category for some time, and with good reason. We currently have the 2021 irons in the bag, and speaking from experience, they have proved time and time again to be a savvy investment. 

The second and more complicated answer to the question is, if you currently game the 2021 P·790, then you should probably hold on to them. While the looks have certainly been improved in 2023, there hasn't been a significant enough improvement in performance yet for you to upgrade. 

If you like a fresh set of irons every two years, then by all means, buy the fourth generation, but if you want to save some cash, then it could be worth waiting a couple of years before making your next upgrade. 


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