TaylorMade P-DHY Driving Iron Review

GolfMagic tests out the new TaylorMade P-DHY Driving Iron.

TaylorMade DHY Driving Iron
TaylorMade DHY Driving Iron
Packs some serious punch, very forgiving, looks fantastic in the bag
Chunkier head may not suit the eye of the better golfer

TaylorMade P-DHY Driving Iron Key Features:

  • Low centre of gravity: for a mid-high launch and mid-range spin
  • Thick-thin back wall construction: maximises forgiveness while retaining a premium forged feel
  • New internal weighting structure: combines with the forged 4140 face and Speed Pocket to deliver easy launch and increase forgiveness

Arguably the sexiest club in any golfer's bag, the driving iron can be a potent force if used correctly. 

TaylorMade's newest offering in the category is the P-DHY driving iron, the younger brother of the brand's P-UDI, which offers a slightly more refined profile for low-handicap players. 

The P-DHY is more of a crossover design that lies somewhere between an iron and a hybrid.

The profile is one aimed at mid-handicap golfers who like the idea of a driving iron but, in reality, probably need a little more forgiveness.

To see how the new P-DHY would perform, we took it down to Mannings Heath Golf and Wine Estate with a Foresight GC3 to get some numbers. 

Let's get into it. 

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Player Level

The P-DHY comes in four different loft options, meaning it could fit in a number of slots in the bag. The two-iron option at 18 degrees is probably best used by low to mid-handicap golfers who are looking for a versatile fairway finder and prefer the look of iron to a hybrid. The same can be said about the 3-iron, which comes in at 20 degrees.

The one outlier is the 4-iron, which we believe could really benefit a whole host of golfers, who may need a slightly more forgiving long iron replacement in their bag. 

TaylorMade DHY Driving Iron
TaylorMade DHY Driving Iron

TaylorMade P-DHY Looks and Feel

Now, We're going to be honest, when it comes to looks, TaylorMade's previous driving iron offerings have perhaps not been the most aesthetically pleasing. 

The GAPR range was downright ugly, and the Stealth and SIM models left something to be desired.

However, we must commend the brand's designers for the P-DHY because it's a beautiful-looking club. 

Doing away with fancy graphics and two-tone designs, the P-DHY is simple and elegant, with one stripe of black carved through the middle to really emphasise the shape of the head. 

Down at address, the P-DHY certainly has some meat behind it, and that extra depth may not suit the scratch golfers of the world, but for everyone else, it will provide a real confidence boost.

TaylorMade DHY Driving Iron
TaylorMade DHY Driving Iron

The other benefit of the new design is that it blends really well with almost all of TaylorMade's current iron lineup, particularly the P790s and P770s.

While that may not be a big deal for some, for those who like to have a consistent style in their bag, it will certainly appeal. 

In terms of feel, the P-DHY is red hot. Thanks to the forged 4140 face, this club feels like a rocket out of the middle. 

There is certainly additional feedback from poorer strikes, but overall, this club feels sublime at impact. 

Due to the hollow-body design, you do get that slightly pingy noise at impact, but it does nothing to take away from the overall user experience. 

TaylorMade DHY Driving Iron
TaylorMade DHY Driving Iron

TaylorMade P-DHY Performance and Forgiveness

So, first things first, Distance. We tested the P-DHY in 18 degrees which is the 2-iron loft, and we found that we were able to carry the ball between 240-250 yards with typical roll out being about 15-20 yards. 

So, in other words it goes a country mile. In terms of launch and spin, the P-DHY is relatively middle ground for both. We hit it off the tee and the fairway, and found that considering the low loft, it managed to produce a very neutral ball flight, which is ideal especially if you're going for a long par-3 or want to hold a green from distance. 

Sometimes driving irons can come out low and hot, which is great off the tee, but reduces the versatility of the club. 

With regards to forgiveness, we found that thanks to the slightly chunkier profile on offer from the P-DHY, it did do a very good job of retaining both distance and accuracy from poor strikes. 

There were obviously some shots we hit during testing that no club in the world could save, but from slightly off centre we did find the ball would fly long and straight.

Off the tee, this thing is remarkably easy to hit. We will be the first to admit we can find 2-irons quite intimidating, but after only a few shots, we felt, thanks to the graphite shaft and increased clubhead size, this particular driving iron got more and more friendly the longer we hit it. 

All in all, hitting the P-DHY was a wholly satisfying experience, and despite going into testing being a little fearful of hitting an 18-degree 2-iron, we came away from it deeply considering if the DHY should go straight in the bag. 

TaylorMade DHY Driving Iron
TaylorMade DHY Driving Iron

Should you buy a TaylorMade P-DHY Driving Iron?

If you're looking to upgrade your driving iron, or even thinking of buying your first one, the TaylorMade P-DHY is a great place to start.

The DHY packs serious firepower, excellent levels for forgiveness and a lovely forged feel. 

Thanks to improved aesthetics, it's also one of the best looking driving irons we've tested in 2024, making it the full package.

We tested the 2-iron in this review, but it also comes in a 3-iron and 4-iron options to suit your loft needs. 

As always, if you're thinking of purchasing a driving iron, we would always recommend testing one out before parting with your hard earned cash. 

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