Bettinardi CB24 Irons Review

GolfMagic tests out the new Bettinardi CB24 Irons.

Bettinardi CB24 Irons
Bettinardi CB24 Irons
Excellent shelf appeal, solid performer in terms of both distance and spin, lovely deep forged feel at impact
Not the best looking clubs at address

Bettinardi CB24 Irons Key Features: 

  • Tri Material Construction: high-density tungsten and military-grade CMC (Ceramic Matrix Composites) within the forged Carbon Steel body produce weight profiles that maximise forgiveness while maintaining balance and consistency
  • Progressive COG Positioning: Loft-dependent positioning of the tungsten and CMC components ensures precise COG placement in each iron for flight and spin optimisation in each iron
  • One Piece Co-Forged Solid Body: interior components are co-forged within the 1025 Carbon Steel chassis to deliver exceptional feel and responsiveness

Bettinardi is a brand best known for making some of the best putters in the game. In 2024, however, it has decided to dip its toes into the iron market, and it's made quite a splash.

Two new models, the MB24 and CB24 have hit shelves this year, both aimed at the better player. In this review, we will be reviewing the CB24s, forged tour cavity back irons designed for a premium feel and responsiveness. 

We were so impressed by the CB24s during testing that we included them in our Best Golf Irons for Low Handicappers of 2024 guide.

The CB24 uses an array of design techniques to optimise performance, including what the brand calls a tri-material construction. This technique combines tungsten and ceramic matrix composites with carbon steel to produce ideal weight while also allowing Bettinardi to alter CG positions throughout the set for optimised spin and launch characteristics. 

To gauge the irons' performance, we took them to the course and then put them through their paces on a Foresight GC Quad at Custom Golf Works to gather data. 

Let's get into it. 

Bettinardi CB24 Irons
Bettinardi CB24 Irons

Player Level

The CB24s are certainly aimed at low-handicap players who prioritise feel and responsiveness. The construction is forgiving to a degree. However, high-handicap players and beginner golfers should look elsewhere. 

Bettinardi CB24 Irons
Bettinardi CB24 Irons

Bettinardi CB24 Looks and Feel

In terms of shelf appeal, these irons are right up there with the best we've tested in 2024. 

The chrome accents on the back beautifully complement the primarily brushed satin finish, while the honeycomb detailing within the cavity adds a luxury touch that ties the whole design together. 

While we can't fault the back of these clubs, the look at address is not quite to our taste.

The thick topline is quite chunky, and the hosel pinches in quite aggressively, giving the clubs the appearance of an iron that has more offset than is actually present. 

While these design choices wouldn't have bothered us if these irons were positioned in the player's distance category, we do think that for a pure player iron, these look a touch bulky when compared to category leaders like the Titleist T100s or the Callaway Apex Pro CBs.

In terms of feel, the CB24s possess that deep, striking sensation you would expect from a forged iron. 

When you middle these irons, you really know about it. The pure feel is up there with the best forged irons we've tested this year.

The CB24s also provide plenty of feedback from poor strikes. As we would expect from a player iron, you certainly know about it when you put a bad swing on the ball.

All in all, we have to commend Bettinardi for its first attempt at designing a set of irons. There is certainly room for improvement in the profile at address, but in terms of overall feel and visual appeal, it's an impressive start. 

Bettinardi CB24 Irons
Bettinardi CB24 Irons

Bettinardi CB24 Performance and Forgiveness

Bettinardi CB24
Bettinardi CB24

After testing these irons on the course, we took them to Custom Golf Works in Woking, and the feedback we received on the GC Quad was really positive. 

The CB24s produce ample distance for a player's iron, and the spin rates remained consistent at around 5,400 rpm, which is ideal for a six iron.

The ball flight produced by these irons is fairly neutral, and we found them to be very workable, which is ideal for a better player's iron. 

In terms of turf interaction, we found the clubs were able to glide through the turf with ease, creating solid divots on full shots.

Lower down the set, we found the pitching wedge to be particularly versatile. It delivered a nice soft feel around the green for chips and three-quarter pitch shots. 

As to be expected from a set of irons designed for better players, the CB24s don't provide a huge amount of forgiveness from poor strikes. 

We did find that the spin rates and distance numbers fluctuated quite a bit from heel and toe strikes, but again, that was by no means a surprise. 

All in all, we found the CB24s very enjoyable to hit and considering they are Bettinardi's first attempt at an iron, we have to commend the final product. 

There are certain refinements to be made in the looks department, but in terms of overall performance and feel, they are hard to a fault. 

Bettinardi CB24 irons
Bettinardi CB24 irons

Should you buy a set of Bettinardi CB24 Irons?

If you're a low-handicap golfer who's looking to upgrade your irons, we would highly recommend trying out the CB24s. 

While the profile at address may take some getting used to, the irons certainly deliver five-star performance, and they will also look fantastic in your bag. 

At £650, these irons are among the most expensive players' irons on the market. If we're being honest, we would have liked to see them come in perhaps £200 to £250 cheaper to better align with other brands. 

That said, you certainly get premium construction, looks, and feel for that price, so they're certainly worth considering if you're in the market for a new set of irons. 

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