TaylorMade P-UDI Driving Iron Review

GolfMagic tests out the new TaylorMade P-UDI Driving Iron.

TaylorMade UDI Driving Iron
TaylorMade UDI Driving Iron
Sleek and sophisticated design, plenty of forgiveness, piercing ball flight
No notable cons

TaylorMade P-UDI Driving Iron Key Features:

  • Thick-thin back wall construction: maximises forgiveness while retaining a premium forged feel
  • New internal weighting structure: combines with the forged 4140 face and Speed Pocket to deliver easy launch and increase forgiveness
  • Tour-inspired shaping: for a playable and balanced look at address

Released in conjunction with Taylormade's P-DHY, aimed at mid to high-handicap golfers, the P-UDI was designed with the scratch-to-low-handicap golfer in mind. 

The latest addition to TaylorMade's iron lineup, the P-UDI, is a direct upgrade from the brand's highly popular P790 UDI, first released in 2021. 

The P-UDI boasts an updated profile, refined aesthetics and improved forgiveness and consistency thanks to a new internal weighting structure.

To test the P-UDI's performance, we took it to Mannings Heath Golf and Wine Estate with our trusty Foresight GC3 launch monitor. 

Let's get into it

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Player Level

Due to its refined profile and workability, the P-UDI is best suited to low-handicap golfers. Mid-to-high handicap golfers looking for a driving iron from TaylorMade would be better suited to the more forgiving P-DHY.

TaylorMade P-UDI
TaylorMade P-UDI

TaylorMade P-UDI Looks and Feel

We are big fans of the TaylorMade P-DHY, but we have to say the P-UDI certainly pips it on pure aesthetics. 

The refined profile looks great in hand and even better down at address. 

The P790 UDI has for a long time been one of the best looking driving irons on the market, but the P-UDI has definitely taken things to a new level. 

The pearl satin finish looks gorgeous, while the single black line and discreet TaylorMade branding really elevate the overall visual appeal. 

Down behind the ball the P-UDI has also received a big upgrade in terms of profile. 

The blade length is slightly shorter, and the topline is slightly thicker, making it slightly more confidence inspiring than its predecessor.

TaylorMade P-UDI
TaylorMade P-UDI

You can also so see a bit more meat behind the club, which again only instills confidence in the user. 

In terms of feel, the P-UDI is lively, thanks to the forged face, SpeedFoam Air and Thru Slot Speed pocket, the sensation at impact is a deep one, that makes you feel like the ball is staying hit. 

All in all, the P-UDI ticks a lot of boxes in both the looks and feel departments, with small but subtle refinements adding up to make a big difference. 

TaylorMade P-UDI
TaylorMade P-UDI

TaylorMade P-UDI Performance and Forgiveness

Before we go any further, let's dive straight into distance. We hit a number of shots with the P-UDI and we managed to generate about 160 mph club head speed, which in turn lead the ball to carry 255 yards with roughly 20 yards of roll out. 

We found that the ball flight produced was a low piercing one, making this an ideal fairway finder, especially when the wind is up. 

It goes without saying, as with any 2-iron on the market, there are going to be some less than optimal strikes out there, and with the P-UDI in hand we certainly hit some poor shots. 

While the really bad shots were suitably punished, we did find that from strikes slightly out of the heel or toe, there was still a good amount of forgiveness on offer. 

Thanks to the fairly limited amount of offset present, we also found the P-UDI very workable through the air. 

Whether we wanted to hit a low cut or a high draw, the club was up to the task, which is a trait that will undoubtedly appeal to better golfers, looking for a tool to help them manoeuvre narrow golf courses. 

All in all the performance of the P-UDi marks it out as one of the best driving irons on the market, and while there are undoubtedly more forgiving options, if you want a workable tool that can deliver a piercing ball flight, the P-UDI is one of the stand out options on the market in 2024. 

TaylorMade P-UDI
TaylorMade P-UDI

Should you buy a TaylorMade P-UDI driving iron?

If you're an experienced golfer looking for a driving iron that can deliver on all fronts, then the TaylorMade P-UDI is a fantastic option. 

Boasting refined aesthetics, powerful forged feel and excellent workability, the P-UDI is the full package and undoubtedly one of the best driving irons we have tested this year. 

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