Golfers get the picture from Capto putting device

Pioneering putting data analysis helps players improve scoring on the green fast.


Golfers at every handicap level across the UK have seen results on the greens improve dramatically in recent times, thanks to an increasing number of PGA Coaches offering putting lessons using advanced technology that instantly shows the player how to hole out more consistently. 

Adaptable for indoor and outdoor use in real game conditions, the cutting-edge Capto system incorporates a small screen attached to the putter shaft to provide precise feedback on performance with the short stick and enables coaches to analyse an unparalleled collection of data parameters to correct any putting stroke issues.

It comes in two formats – one designed for coaches and elite players and the other for those golfers wanting to play and practice with their own device.

Discussing the device, PGA Elite putting coach James Jankowski said:

“I urge any golfer, from those just starting out to the scratch player wanting to hone their skills, to try CAPTO as the results will be instant.
“There’s no better software out there when it comes to analysis of the putting stroke and I use it for every single lesson. Not only does CAPTO technology gather almost all conceivable data for the putting stroke, but it also breaks the entire stroke down to identify problem areas. This makes my job as a putting coach far easier and it’s very simple to understand for whoever I’m giving a lesson to.”

Jordan Baker, another PGA elite putting coach based at London’s Royal Mid-Surrey in Richmond, introduced the Capto system to members two months ago and since then his one-hour sessions using the pioneering sensor and video analysis have been booked out each week.


“Capto enables me to improve putting performance much faster. As well as looking at set up, putting stroke and equipment, we also include practice drills based on the analysis that are emailed to clients along with lesson notes,” added Jordan, who also helped his fellow teaching pro fix his putting arc and make more putts within 10 minutes. 


The EZ sensor detects and quantifies the most important parameters to take the putting stroke to the next level. Portable, drop resistant and lightweight, it incorporates a live instant feedback display to help develop putting theory and stroke mechanics in unison.

Able to determine precise putter movement in 3D, the revolutionary Capto software gathers extensive live putting stroke data to present on a smartphone. Viewable on the small device screen or on the Capto app, the device detects data instantly across 10 parameters, while a ‘Score Game’ is playable with golfers able to take part in challenges to further enhance improvement.

Compatible with any IOS or Android device, a quick lock shaft coupling ensures the sensor fits on all putters. Available at a RRP of £494.00.


The advanced GEN 2 model features state-of-the-art design and is built for coaches or elite players looking to enhance both knowledge and skills. Incredibly easy to set up and use, it’s equipped with nine measurement sensors and five calibration sensors to provide highly accurate feedback on over 30 key parameters through the live Biofeedback display monitor. 

A built-in Aim feature enables coaches to see how well players are setting up to the ball. The Capto app picks up where player is aiming automatically, providing instant feedback through a live compass, as well as an audible sound for good and bad lines. It also covers the entire stroke metrics and all putter movements from every conceivable angle. 3D Motion allows the user to move around and view the putting stroke in greater detail.

Data can be shared with specialist coaches through the Capto cloud database. This model incorporates a battery with an extra-long life (180 mins), plus a fast charge mechanism.

The sophisticated CAPTO GEN 2 is available with a RRP of £2,040.

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