Trackman vs Toptracer which driving range is best?

GolfMagic visits both a Trackman and Toptracer driving range to see which one offers the best experience in 2024

Trackman vs Toptracer
Trackman vs Toptracer

Ball-tracking capabilities have become a hallmark of any reputable driving range, and at the forefront of this technology are two brands that excel in their offerings-Trackman and Toptracer.

But which one is best? We sent GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge on a two-day golf trip to find out.

Trackman and Toptracer are the two biggest names in the game when it comes to ball-tracking driving ranges, but in terms of out-and-out dominance, Toptracer currently has 75% of the market share with over 1000 ranges worldwide. 

However, the real question remains: When these two giants collide, which brand will emerge as the superior driving range experience?

Let's get into it.


Powered by Trackman's industry-leading launch monitors, Trackman ranges can be found throughout the UK. The built-in monitors in each range offer golfers a wide selection of games and practice modes to provide fun for players of all different ages and playing levels.

When we first arrived at the Trackman range, we initially had issues logging in with the systems QI code login system. 

Once in, though, we were presented with a selection of virtual courses to play, practice modes, like longest drive and closest to the pin, and virtual golf, which allows users to step out onto the virtual fairways of iconic courses like Pebble Beach.


One of the best things about Trackman ranges is the graphics they offer. 

Crisp and bright, Trackman certainly edges it in the graphics department. 

We tried several different game modes, including some of the games on offer, which would be ideal for getting younger golfers into golf. 

One of the key technical differences between Trackman and Toptracer is the method of ball tracking used.

At Trackman, doppler radar is used to track your balls, and when at the range, you typically utilise balls that come in at a lower compression than those used on the course. 


What this means is your yardage, at first glance, is going to look very short. Fear not though, as the Trackman system does offer a simple conversion button which automatically updates the system with where your yardages should be. 

Is this the ideal place to hone in on your exact gapping in the bag? Probably not, but it does give you a fairly accurate idea of how far you're hitting it on the day. 

While Trackman is certainly a suitable tool for improving your overall driving range experience thanks to the many functions it offers, there are some big drawbacks, especially when compared to Toptracer.

The main one of those is the speed and responsiveness of the systems themselves. When you hit a ball, it can, at times, take a while for the tracer line to appear, and when switching game modes, the screens take quite a while to load. 


While this is by no means a reason not to use a Trackman range, it certainly drops it down a few points in this particular comparison. 



Heading over to Toptracer, we picked up our £10 bucket of balls and headed straight into our bay where we were met with a bright and bold screen that allowed us to instantly login with a QR code.

Once we were in we were able to flick through a vast array of game options that included practice modes, games, virtual competitions and virtual golf.

Toptracer track balls using cameras mounted on the top of the range, and this means that is also takes wind into account as it is tracking your ball's exact movement. 

To put the accuracy of these cameras to the test, we brought along a Foresight GC Quad to really dig down into the data.

We are pleased to report that the numbers that Toptracer produced for our clubs were incredibly accurate with ball speeds being out by only 1mph, while distances were almost exactly on the number when wind was taken into consideration. 

Toptracer also offers an excellent level of detail on every shot, including descent angle, launch angle, hangtime, apex and offline dispersion.

A lovely touch for those of us looking to really dig deep into performance. 


This was certainly a big tick for Toptracer. 

Moving onto the game modes, and Toptracer has a wide variety of options including closest to the pin challenges, longest drive, virtual golf at 21 of the best golf courses in the world, and more arcade like games, such as Go Fish.

One of our favourite game modes on the Toptracer system is Toptracer30, which is a 30 shot analysis of golf skills which then gives you detailed analysis and personalised insights into your game. 

Another excellent feature Toptracer offers is the ability to challenge people at the same range as you in the challenges, with the system producing live leaderboards to see where you stack up in your area. 

The offering of game modes is enough to keep even the most fidgety golfer engaged for hours on end, and before we knew it we had used out 100 balls and were heading back for more.


The social element is also a huge plus for Toptracer, as almost all of the game modes can be played with friends or family, with golfers of any skill level.

In terms of game modes and courses on offer, Toptracer certainly pips Trackman, but possibly the most noticeable difference between the two, is the speed and responsiveness of the operating system. 

As previously mentioned, Trackman had a fair amount of lag in its system, almost as if it needed a reboot, however that certainly wasn't the case with Toptracer. 

The Toptracer system was seamless, and as soon as you hit the ball, you saw a lovely tracing line. That same speed was on offer with loading screens, making the whole process very easy. 


So, who takes top spot in the best driving range competition?

We are going to have to give it to Toptracer. 

While both brands certainly offer an elevated range experience, Toptracer takes top spot thanks to it's smoother user experience, accuracy and level of data, and greater variety of game modes. 

It's tight at the top, but as far as we're concerned Toptracer ranges are the best in the business in 2024. 

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