adidas MC80 Golf Shoes Review

GolfMagic tests out the adidas MC80 golf shoes.

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Tue, 30 Jan 2024
Adidas MC80 Golf Shoes

Need To Know

Ideal combination of modern and traditional styling, supple leather moulded to our feet very quickly, boost midsole provided excellent comfort
Thin laces came undone quite easily
Our score:
PRICE: £94.99 YEAR: from 2024

adidas MC80 Golf Shoes Key Features:

  • Full grain leather upper: supple construction provides comfort and durability
  • Boost midsole: provides outstanding comfort and energy return with every stride
  • Torsion stability bar: designed to provide a stable base for every swing

One of adidas' newest additions to its shoe lineup, the MC80 is somewhat of a hybrid shoe, providing key performance tech with traditional materials to produce a spikeless shoe that provides excellent levels of comfort, stability and versatility. 

Filling what has been a vacant spot in adidas' range for quite some time, the MC80 offers a more traditional silhouette, far removed from that of the CodeChaos model. The shoe was first released as part of an adidas X Bogey Boys collaboration but has since seen itself become a staple in the brand's footwear lineup. 


Offering traditional aesthetics with a host of performance-improving features, we were intrigued to see how the shoes would perform out on the course, so we took them for a spin around Mannings Heath.

Let's get into it.

adidas MC80 Golf Shoes Looks:

Combining modern and traditional design aesthetics, the MC80s offer a beautiful hybrid design that really hits the mark.

Quite possibly our favourite adidas golf shoe of all time, the MC80s tread the line perfectly between old-school styling and modern versatility.

The full-grain leather upper hugs the foot nicely, which allows it to crease naturally with the contours of your foot, providing added comfort and excellent looks and feel.

The shape itself is very pleasing down at address, with added room around the forefoot leading to a nicely rounded toe section. 

The eye-catching black panel that runs around the entirety of the shoes adds an excellent level of contrast and traditional detailing, with the small perforations providing a nod to classic old-school leather shoes like the brogue.

Those same perforations are also featured on the tongue and heel collar to round out the design beautifully.

adidas has produced some rather polarising shoes in recent years, but with the MC80 range, it has created a shoe that we think will appeal to almost every golfer.

adidas MC80 Golf Shoes Comfort and Performance:

While these shoes may look traditional, they feel and perform just like the best modern trainer-like models on the market, thanks to a boost midsole and torsion bar. 

Slipping them on for the first time, we were instantly impressed by the level of comfort they provided. Boost is one of our favourite shoe innovations to hit the market in recent years, and it provides an excellent amount of spring, truly giving you the sensation that energy is being returned to your foot with every stride. 

We have quite wide feet, especially near the toe, and we found that these shoes provided ample space in order to prevent any uncomfortable rubbing when walking or throughout our swing. 

The full-grain leather sits snugly against the foot without being too tight, and thanks to the supple nature of the material, it also bends and creases with your foot in order to gradually achieve an ideal fit. 

As you can see from our imagery, we tested these shoes out in rather wet and muddy conditions. Despite lacking spikes, the TPU nubs on the sole provided a good level of traction, and we didn't experience any loss of stability.

All-in-all, it's tricky to fault these shoes; however, if we had to, we would say the laces could certainly be improved. 

Thin and easily undone, the laces that come with the MC80s are quite frustrating, so if you are going to purchase a pair, it could be worth buying a spare pair of thicker laces at the same time. 

Should you buy the adidas MC80 golf shoes?

Smart, comfy, cool and affordable, the adidas MC80 is without a doubt one of our favourite shoes on the market right now.

If you're looking to upgrade your shoe game this season, then you really can't go wrong with a pair of these. 

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