ECCO BIOM H4 Golf Shoes: "The ultimate hybrid golf shoe this season"

ECCO has revamped its popular BIOM H4 golf shoe, which offers just about everything you could possibly wish for from hybrid golf footwear.

Fantastic cushioned feel; fully waterproof; the ultimate hybrid golf shoe that can be worn all-year round; great durability; superb traction; just so much tech packed inside it
Top end for price but that's about it

ECCO BIOM H4 Golf Shoes - Key Features

  • Crafted in durable ECCO leather with 100% GORE-TEX waterproof protection, so your feet stay dry
  • BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology brings you closer to the ground using an anatomical last
  • ECCO MTN GRIP outsole provides stability, traction and rotational support through three different sections
  • X-TENSA INVISIBLE TECHNOLOGY links the sole unit to the laces via internal enforcement for enhanced stability
  • ECCO FLUIDFORM Natural anatomically supportive fit and feel
  • Removable and washable Ortholite inlay sole for long-term cushioning and breathability

ECCO Golf has updated and expanded its BIOM H4 golf shoes for 2023, and we're pleased to report the new shoes pass with flying colours. 

Not only does ECCO's new SS23 collection bring six new colourways into the popular BIOM H4 line, but the brand has also partially redesigned the shoe for this season.

As you can already tell from the key features listed above, there is plenty going on in this shoe. It features a reworked upper, notably around the toe area, and this provides a much sleeker and slimmer looking hybrid golf shoe. We also note how the tongue has been completely redesigned to produce a more ergonomic shape that fits much more comfortably to the foot. 

The new ECCO BIOM H4 golf shoe was a very easy inductee to our Best Golf Shoes buyer guide for 2023. 

It very much rivals its older brother, the ECCO BIOM C4, which we also loved during testing at the back end of last season.

Let's check out the H4 in more detail: 

ECCO BIOM H4 Golf Shoes - Looks

Straight out the box, the new ECCO BIOM H4 oozes a sleek, sporty, youthful style golf shoe with its BIOM 2.0 last. 

The shoe’s uppers are crafted from premium, durable, and thin ECCO Performance Leather, made in ECCO’s own tanneries, providing natural protection from wind and water.

We love how you can just see all the key features playing out in front of you when you hold the shoe in your hand. You kind of see why it's at the top end of the market for price when you consider just how much tech has been packed inside this hybrid shoe. 

Wrapping around the foot from the outsole to the midsole, the shoe features X-TENSA technology, which connects the TPU element on the side of BIOM H4 with the lace system to enhance lateral stability while adding to its contemporary, premium design.

Overall, just a really aesthetically pleasing golf shoe to have on your feet. 

ECCO BIOM H4 Golf Shoes - Comfort and Performance

The comfort and performance is really where the ECCO BIOM H4 golf shoe excels the most. This is most certainly one of the most comfortable and best performing golf shoes on the market in 2023. 

While it does weigh in at the top end of the market for price, at least in our latest golf shoes buyer guide, if you want a durable premium golf shoe that is going to give you all-year round performance then this is really the one for you. 

No matter the conditions, rain or shine, the ECCO BIOM H4 golf shoe will excel in all types of weather conditions and course types. So while it does cost a lot at £190, you are getting your money's worth as you more than likely won't need another golf shoe for those winter months. 

Of the key tech, which there is plenty, the ECCO FLUIDFORM Direct Comfort Technology is a standout given it provides you with a fantastic cushioned feel during your round of golf that will keep you bounding all the way into the 19th. 

You've also got an ECCO MTN Grip outsole that gives you arguably the best stablility, traction and rotational support of any hybrid golf shoe out there right now. Its TPU inserts on either side also securely hug your foot and add even more stability.

Powered by BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology, we love how it brings you closer to the ground with its anatomical last, ideal on those delicate greenside shots. 

You've then also got power-packed GORE-TEX waterproof technology in there to keep your feet dry when the heavens open. 

We also appreciated the little pull at the back of the shoe to ensure an even comfier fit when first slipping into the shoe. It's sometimes the little touches that can make the biggest differences with golf shoes. 

Should you buy the ECCO BIOM H4 Golf Shoes

Absolutely, the new ECCO BIOM H4 golf shoe deserves serious consideration if you are in the market for a hybrid that is ready to tackle all types of weather conditions. 

While the price is high, it's a hybrid golf shoe that has tons of durability so you won't need to chop and change your shoes. 

You could pick out a nice spikeless pair of shoes for the summer and a spiked pair for the winter, but that will cost you a little bit more than splashing out on these. 

Well worth a look. 

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