FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX Golf Shoes Review

GolfMagic tests out the new FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX golf shoes

FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX
FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX
The timeless design looks outstanding
VersaTrax+ outsole delivers excellent traction
The shoes deliver classic aesthetics with all the trappings of a modern golf shoe
Price point is a bit punchy

FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX Key Features:

  • OrthoLite EcoPlush Fit-Bed: delivers long-lasting on course comfort
  • VersaTrax+ outsole: provides unbeatable traction on a wide variety of ground conditions
  • Premium full-grain leather construction: soft, supple, stylish and waterproof



There is no brand more trusted and reliable in the realm of high-quality golf shoes than FootJoy. Established in 1857, this American brand has held the esteemed position of being the No.1 shoe in golf for decades.

So, when they launched the new Premiere Series Field LX, we were rather excited. 

Having worn Premiere Series shoes from the brand before, our expectations were high. With the addition of a new premium folded-edge rand detail around the upper, the looks on offer immediately caught our attention.

Featuring classic aesthetics packed with modern game improvement tech, we were very excited to get these shoes out on the course.

Let's get into it.

FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX
FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX

FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX Looks:

This is going to be an easy one. These shoes are absolutely dripping in class.

The premium full-grain leather construction features calfskin detailing, which adds that extra level of sophistication and luxury. 

The shoes' overall profile is very traditional, and they wouldn't have looked out of place in the era of Palmer and Nicklaus, let alone Thomas and Spieth.

The silhouette will undoubtedly appeal to the more traditional golfer, but we honestly think these shoes would look fantastic with almost any golfing outfit, be it modern or traditional. 

The FootJoy branding is also kept very minimal on these shoes, which we are particularly fond of. 

A shoe of this design needs to be kept clean and subtle, and only adding a small metallic FJ badge near the collar retains the sleek visual appeal the design offers.  

The introduction of a new folded-edge rand detail around the upper is also a welcome addition, adding both texture and structure to the profile of the shoe.

All in all, FootJoy has delivered a superb-looking shoe that's possibly our favourite design of the year so far.  

FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX
FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX

FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX Comfort and Performance:

When discussing the level of comfort on offer from these shoes, it's key to point out they offer a very different feel and ride to a more trainer-like design, such as the FootJoy Pro/SLX.

The Pro/SLX provides a huge amount of cushioning that almost feels as if you are walking on clouds. 

The Field LX, provides a very different sensation, but it's equally as enjoyable.

The premium leather is supple, which means the wear-in period on these shoes is a matter of minutes. Having taken them out of the box, we played a full round and experienced no real discomfort or blisters, which isn't something we could have said about leather golf shoes 15 years ago. 

The main body of the shoe has clearly been designed by serious golfers, with space and support in all the right areas. 

We were particularly happy with the level of cushioning provided by the OrthoLite EcoPlush Fit-Bed. The innovative insole is contoured to mould to your feet over time while also providing ample cushioning to deliver energy back to your feet with every stride. 

Throughout the golf swing, we also felt solid in our footing. We didn't receive quite the same locked-in feel as we did with the Pro/SLX, but there was still suitable stability even on our most vigorous swings. 

Moving to the shoes' soles, FootJoy has utilised a VersaTrax+ outsole that features spikes and an array of TPU blades to deliver traction on any surface. 

We tested the shoes in various conditions, from bunkers to the rough, and they held firm every time. 

The spikes were ideal when there was moisture on the ground, while the TPU blades allowed us to walk on paths or harder surfaces with full confidence. 

FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX
FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX

Should you buy the FootJoy Premiere Field LX Golf Shoes?

If you're a serious golfer who desires timeless aesthetics from a modern golf shoe, then yes, you should absolutely consider purchasing a pair of Premiere Series Field LX golf shoes. 

These shoes not only look fantastic, but they also deliver excellent comfort, traction and durability.

While the price point is high, you certainly get what you pay for.

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