New Balance 997 Golf Shoes Review

GolfMagic tests out the New Balance 997 Golf Shoes.

New Balance 997 Golf Shoes
New Balance 997 Golf Shoes
One of the most stylish golf shoes of the year, immediate out of the box comfort, traction elements provided a solid footing and plenty of grip
The slightly boxy design might not suit every golfer's eye

New Balance 997 Golf Shoes Key Features:

  • Waterproof Microfibre Leather Upper: delivers style and protection in equal measure
  • Abzorb Midsole & CUSH+ Insole: lightweight cushioned midsole provides comfort and responsiveness
  • NDurance Rubber Outsole with SoftSpikes Fast Twist 3.0: designed to deliver long lasting traction and comfort

Inspired by New Balance's wildly popular 997 range of trainers, these golf shoes aim to deliver style and performance in equal measure. 

Combining the brand's timeless designs with modern golf tech should be a winning formula, right?

Well, to find out, we took the shoes out for a number of rounds at Foxhills Golf and Country Club. 

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Let's get into it. 

New Balance 997 Golf Shoes Review
New Balance 997 Golf Shoes Review

New Balance 997 Golf Shoes Looks:

There is a reason New Balance trainers have been some of the best-selling shoes in the world for as long as I can remember: They look great. 

These shoes are no different. Sticking with the same design formula that made the 997 lifestyle shoes such a hit, New Balance has made small modifications to make them suitable for golf. 

As a result of this approach, these shoes could easily be mistaken for an exact pair of 997s, fresh off the high street. 

If it weren't for the spikes on the bottom of these golf shoes, you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

And we have to say, that is certainly a big plus for us. 

The grey, white and blue colour palette looks superb and goes well with virtually any pair of trousers or shorts. The panelled design also gives the shoes a lovely structure, while the suede panels provide luxury touches which really elevate the overall design. 

New Balance stuck to what it knew, remodelling one of its most popular shoes, and it has worked a treat on this occasion.

Top marks from us in the looks department. 

New Balance 997 Golf Shoes
New Balance 997 Golf Shoes

New Balance 997 Golf Shoes Performance and Comfort:

Much like the trainers they were based upon, these shoes provide instant out-of-the-box comfort.

The trainer-like design delivers plenty of cushioning around the ankle, heel, and mid-foot, giving the shoes a solid and comfortable ride.

We wore the shoes for several rounds, and we can confirm they deliver long-lasting comfort. They also prevent any notable foot fatigue after the round. 

The midsole provides ample bounce, but perhaps not as much as shoes like the FootJoy Quantum or G/FORE Gallivan2r

The arch support is solid, and the CUSH+ Insole also creates a contoured fit bed that moulds nicely to the shape of your feet over time for enhanced comfort. 

In terms of traction, the soles feature an array of rubber nubs that are complimented by Six SoftSpikes in order to ensure optimal traction. 

We tested the shoes in various conditions, and one of our rounds was particularly wet. However, the shoes held firm and we experienced no slipping or loss of footing during our round, whether walking in the rough or swinging hard with a driver. 

It's also worth noting that these shoes are also waterproof, and we can attest to the quality of the finish, as we did at times get caught in torrential rain without our feet feeling a drop of moisture. 

New Balance 997 Golf Shoes
New Balance 997 Golf Shoes

Should you buy a pair of New Balance 997 Golf Shoes?

If you love the look of an athletic trainer-like golf shoe, but prefer the traction and performance delivered by a spiked model, then these shoes could be perfect for you. 

The classic New Balance 997 styling is arguably timeless, and thanks to the addition of SoftSpikes and an array of other performance-focused tech, these shoes also deliver on the course.

With a durable construction and waterproof finish, these shoes would make for an excellent year-round pair, especially for the fashion-conscious golfer. 

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