Best golf GPS 2015 test

Golf GPS devices to help you play smarter

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Fri, 27 Mar 2015
Best golf GPS 2015 test

Searching for a new golf GPS device? We have tested some of the hottest on the market, just for you.

Golf GPS systems use satellites to pinpoint your exact location and then use this information to give you valuable information such as yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, tricky doglegs and dreaded hazards. 

GolfMagic loaded up with nine of the latest GPS watches and handheld devices and gave them a thorough workout at Hoebridge GC in Surrey. 

Some score on ease of use, others on key features, some look outright cool. 

Several do it all. Here's our verdict:

Garmin Approach S6 - GOLD

The Garmin Approach S6 is the dearest GPS device in our test at £330 but it is well deserving of one of our gold awards. Not only does it provide typical yardages at a glance to the front, middle and back of the green, but it also offers the golfer with an overhead map of the hole in question - perfect for playing precision golf. Full review

Garmin vivoactive - BRONZE

The perfect GPS option for the modern-day athlete, who not only enjoys a spot of golf at the weekend but also likes to swim, cycle and run. It lacks some of the "golf tech" that the other watches in this test feature, but if glancing at a yardage is all you care about while out on the course then this one is well worth a closer look. Full review.

GolfBuddy PT4 - SILVER

The PT4 is a very classy handheld. The data is much clearer than the former GolfBuddy World Platinum and its sleek, slimline design also outweighs its larger-than-life size. As with all GolfBuddy products, there is a one-off cost as there are no ongoing fees, updates are available through the website, and there are more than 37,000 pre-loaded worldwide courses. Full review

GolfBuddy WT4 - GOLD

Clear, precise, stylish and easy to operate, as well as being quick to pick up our local course, the GolfBuddy WT4 is one of the strongest GPS watches we have ever tested - and for that reason, it receives one of our gold awards. It also acts similar to a more expensive handheld with its dynamic green view and pin placement features. Full review

GolfBuddy WT5 - GOLD

As clear, precise, stylish, comfortable and easy to use as its brother, the sportier WT5 once again ticks all the right boxes - and for that reason, it receives one of our gold awards. Given it is £20 cheaper than the WT4, the brand new WT5, which can also be used effectively as a day-to-day watch, offers tremendous value for money. Full review

SkyCaddie Aire II - SILVER

The Aire II features SkyCaddie's new "Intelligent Automation", which keeps your hands free and your mind focused on playing better golf. One slight niggle is that you have to pay for additional features such as the shape of the greens and distances to hazards, but it is light, accurate, versatile and offers terrific value for money at £130. Full review

SkyCaddie Linx - SILVER

One of the more fashionable and most effective golf GPS watches on the market right now, especially with precise distances to the front, middle and back of the green based on the golfer's angle of approach. One slight niggle is that you have to pay an annual fee for additional features, but they will certainly add to the full GPS experience. Full review

SkyCaddie Touch - GOLD

Despite its hefty price tag and annual fees that are required to unlock some of the key features, we could not be more impressed with the SkyCaddie Touch. It is clear, accurate and beautifully presented from start to finish, particularly when downloading the new onDemand HD map. Our favourite SkyCaddie GPS today and well deserving of a gold award. Full review

TomTom Golfer - BRONZE

A great first addition to the golf GPS world from the sat nav specialist. It is sleek, lightweight and comfortable. The price is perhaps a little steep in comparison to what else is out there in the golf GPS watch world, but if accurate yardages to the front, middle and back of the green is all you require, you will likely not be disappointed with this one. Full review

What golf GPS device are you using in 2015, and why?  

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