Lynx Black Cat Plus

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Mon, 10 Mar 2014
Lynx Black Cat Plus

Brand: Lynx Golf
Game improvement iron: Black Cat Plus
Best price: £300
Loft: 30-degree Lie: 61-degree
Length: 37.25” Swing Weight: D2-D3
Shaft: True Temper Black Gold FM Grip: Golf Pride DD2

Summary: Lynx Black Cat Plus irons are cast from 17-4 stainless steel and have been designed with a pleasing black PVD finish for durability and reduced glare.

Appearance: Not the sexiest iron out there but the cavity back is neat in yellow and black design with the traditional Lynx cat purring at the side. Black PVD finish is classy and it prevents glare out in the sun. Not too much offset which might upset the game improver. 3.25 (out of 5)

Feel: Pleasant feel both at address and through impact. A rubber shock absorbing cartridge in the cavity provides an ideal crisp sound for feedback on those squiffy hits. Comfortable Golf Pride grip and you can't go wrong with the True Temper Black Golf FM shaft. 7.25 (out of 10)

Performance: Above-average distance for a 6-iron and a surprisingly penetrating ball flight, much to do with the tiny amount of offset. Not the most forgiving iron in the test but pleasing spin rates. Very high launch angles but at the same time, it still gets out there. 7.25 (out of 10)

Andy (7)Carry     Spin     Launch     
Charlie (14)   CarrySpinLaunch
Kelvin (21)CarrySpinLaunch
Dave (24)CarrySpinLaunch

Verdict: Perfect for the game improver that wants quality golf equipment without having to burn a hole in the pocket. Worthy of consideration, especially for £300. 17.75 (out of 25)

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