Ten of the Best: Golf Wedges 2013

We review ten of the latest wedges and put them through the ultimate test with a Tour pro and Flightscope shot data. Who comes out on top?

Andy Roberts's picture
Andy Roberts and Charlie Lemay
Thu, 4 Jul 2013


In our seventh in-depth Club Test series, we survey ten top-end wedges launched within the last 12 months.

About the test

Golfmagic's equipment writer Andy Roberts, a 7-handicapper, and staff writer Charlie Lemay, off 12, were joined by Tour professional Tom Hayward at the stunning Mannings Heath Golf Club in West Sussex.

Tom, who will be off to European Tour Q-School at the end of the year, is an incredible golfing story given he has only been playing golf properly for the best part of three years. 

After warming up for ten minutes on the grass practice range, former European Tour professional Carl Watts - the club pro at Mannings Heath - looked into improving both of Andy and Charlie's shallow angle of attack with the wedges before conducting the test, allowing them to feel like they were compressing the ball much better. Click here for the Carl Watts instruction article

Andy, Charlie and Tom then each struck five balls off the deck with the wedges, in stiff shaft, playing full shots down the 100-yard marker. They also used Flightscope to garner vital shot data, including average carry (yards) and spin rate (rpm). Wedges tested were 52-degree loft, with the exception of two wedges in 51- and 54-degree (as two particular brands don't design a 52-degree).

Andy and Charlie then marked each wedge out of five for appearance, and out of ten for both feel and performance, while Tom gave a third opinion on the clubs. (Andy and Charlie both scored separately without consultation and the score presented for each wedge is an average of the two). This generated an overall score out of 25 and the final scores and conclusion can be found on the last page of this feature.

With each wedge, we have also provided details of set price, loft, lie angle (angle between centre of shaft and sole), bounce (the curvy bit on the sole of the wedge that enables the head to 'bounce' out of the rough or sand without snagging), length and shaft. The test was carried out in alphabetical order.

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