adidas Gore-Tex Two-Layer Jacket review

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Wed, 26 Oct 2016
adidas Gore-Tex Two-Layer Jacket review

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Completely waterproof, breathable, does not restrict movement
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PRICE: £199.95 YEAR: from 2016

Adidas – one of sport’s greatest innovators, able to move the needle of cool in any direction they choose.


But unlike other areas of fashion, cool doesn’t cut it in golf. Alongside this intangible has to come performance – golfers are not easily duped, and do not part with their cash easily.

The magic happens when the two combine; style and substance – just take a look at the Tour 360 Prime Boost shoes for an example of this.

Would the Gore-Tex Two-Layer jacket have one but not the other - salt without pepper -  or is it seasoned to perfection, serving up a gastronomic feast. 

We braved the elements to find out.


Simple, elegant, classy. We like the pale blue colour, and the silver three stripes contrast well with this. It is semi-fitted, giving a smart appearance.

Also available in black.


When Gore-Tex is on the forearm, you know a garment can be trusted. Offering complete waterproof protection, this technology allows the jacket to breath, stopping the athlete feeling like he/she is wrapped in cling film.

While it’s semi-fitted, the material is relatively soft and did not restrict the swing at any point. Whether a nervy five footer or winding up for a big drive, we hardly noticed the jacket. 

When the heavens really open, players can do up the cuffs with a fastening strap, and the stand up collar should stop any liquid getting in the top end. And if you’re like me, you can tuck your frozen chin into this part for some welcome relief.

Often the first thing to break on a jacket is the zip, but this one seems like it will stand some serious wear. The outside of the zip is sealed in an impermeable material, stopping any water entering through that route.

Thankfully, the zip is also easy to do up. When you’re fingers are numb, it’s easy to do an Arsene – you should have no such trouble here.

Three pockets on the front of the jacket will keep your valuables dry, while a draw chord hem allows players to bring the garment in a little if they so choose.

Should you get the jacket dirty, simply chuck it in the washing machine at 30.


Dustin Johnson puts his trust in the Gore-Tex Two-Layer Jacket, and like his 2015-2016 season, it’s mightily impressive.

The simple design will appeal to most, and it does the basics not just well, but perfectly. Completely waterproof, breathable and not restrictive of movement – full marks.

Another stunning product out of the Adidas factory.

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