Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore Full Face | The most VERSATILE wedges we have tested

GolfMagic takes the incredibly versatile Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore Full Face Wedges for a spin.

The most VERSATILE wedges we have tested | Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore Full Face
The most VERSATILE wedges we have tested | Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore Full…
Most versatile wedge on the market; plenty of forgiveness; great out of bunkers; very durable; great value for money
Not quite as good looking at the original ZipCore

When it comes to the best premium wedges on the market in 2022, there is no better brand in the game than Cleveland Golf, at least in my view. 

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I have always held that notion ever since first using the Cleveland Tom Austin 588 when out of diapers. 



That feeling has certainly only strengthened in recent times, especially with the company's RTX ZipCore Wedge line that now comprises Full Face Wedges. 

While the RTX ZipCore Wedges were impressive, and we would fully recommend those to serious golfers looking to get the most out of their short game, it is fair to say the Full Face Wedges offer even more versatility. 

In our eyes, the Full Face Wedges are the perfect compliment to the original RTX ZipCore line. As the name suggests, you now have even more shot-making creativity at your disposal with grooves across the entire face of the wedge. 

These wedges feature UltiZip grooves that cover every last millimetre of the clubface for optimal spin performance, while a High-Toe profile allows the club to slide under the ball with confidence. During testing, we found these grooves to be really forgiving. 

Similar to the RTX ZipCore Wedge, the Full-Face version features a new heat treatment process to boost durability and preserve the lifespan of the grooves to maintain spin performance round after round.

The foundation of RTX Full-Face is a unique, low-density core that sits at the heart of the wedge.

ZipCore makes you better by shifting the centre of gravity, while also boosting High-Low MOI for more stability high and low on the wedge face.


I used 52, 56 and 60 degree versions of the Full Face and I felt as though I was experiencing much more consistent impacts out of the sweet spot each time.

That resulted in consistent spin rates, distance control and feel on just about every single shot. 

Feel is another huge positive I find when it comes to Cleveland wedges compared to others on the market. Soft and buttery each and every time out the middle of the face. 

I also like the fact you can tell when you've hit one a little squiffy with a Cleveland, so there is terricic feedback at impact. 

I have used other versions of Full Face in recent times, one from TaylorMade and another from Callaway, and I have to admit I prefer the Cleveland hands down. 

I really like the hosel-to-toe groove pattern that covers every millimetre of the face. It just allowed me to get a bit more creative with shots. 

It's probably fair to say the flop shot lovers among you will absolutely love a Full Face Wedge. 

If I wanted a high soft one to a tucked pin, I could just open up the 60 and get aggressive while being confident I would hit the ball out the sweet spot and it would land soft. 

On the flip side, if I wanted something to come in a bit more lower with a bit of check, I could just play a 52 or 56 a little further back in my stance and once again get aggressive, safe in the knowledge it would land with some zip. 

I was also really impressed with the Full Face Wedge out of greenside bunkers. I once again felt like I could get really aggressive with the 56 degree out of the sand, mainly down to the forgiveness of the grooves. 

The beauty is that you just have all the shots covered with the RTX ZipCore Full Face, especially armed with a 52, 56 and 60 in the bag.


If you want a versatile and forgiving wedge that allows you to play every type of shot inside of 100 yards and around the green, I can guarantee you will have the shot in hand with a full set of Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore Full Face Wedges. 

To the eye, I probably prefer the look of the original RTX ZipCore Wedge, but appearance is very much a personal preference. 

The Full Face look might take some getting used to for some of you, but after a while you should get used to them.

After all, can you really put a price on lower scores and more up-and-downs out there? 

Overall, these wedges are the most versatile we have ever tested to date, and they offer supreme levels of confidence and forgiveness around the green as you know you simply cannot miss the sweet spot. 

The fact they are even more durable has to be a big bonus, too. 

I highly recommend if you are in the market for a new premium set of wedges to look no further than the RTX ZipCore line, especially the Full Face Wedges that are available for £129 in either black or satin versions. 


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