TaylorMade MG3 Wedge Review: A spin machine

The TaylorMade MG3 wedges are high-performance spin machines with exceptional consistency.

NEW TaylorMade MG3 Wedges Review! Is this the BEST WEDGE of 2021?
NEW TaylorMade MG3 Wedges Review! Is this the BEST WEDGE of 2021?
Increased spin levels; satisyfing feel
Not too dissimilar to the previous model

The TaylorMade MG3 wedges were in the works for a while, but they were well worth the wait.

A key point we try to emphasise with these wedges is the spin they produce. The spin rate is mightily impressive and this can help to improve your short game and the proximity of your shots to the hole.

We thoroughly enjoyed the performance of the TaylorMade MG3 wedges, as well as the varied colour designs in the 52 and 56-degree editions.

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GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge tested these new clubs from over 100 yards away, from a close range to the green and from the rough and sand.

We experienced great consistency and high performance, which makes these wedges suitable for any golfer. 


TaylorMade MG3 wedge - Key Features

The TaylorMade MG3 wedges feature a Tour Preferred Raw Face which we saw with the previous MG2 models. This helps the clubface to rust which is meant to benefit your performance in ball-striking and spin control.

The leading edge of the MG3 wedges is more square than previous models and the lowest groove has been placed lower. This helps golfers who connect with the ball at the bottom of the club to obtain more spin.

TaylorMade alleges that spin control and increased spin were key focuses of this new release. These wedges also come with a high bounce option which helps with your turf interaction in all weather conditions.

These wedges have also been designed with micro-cut grooves between the main grooves. These little indentations add to spin consistency and with any shot, you can expect a high spin rate.

Player Level

As these wedges are so impressive and they offer a wide range of shots for you to play, they don't suit one golfer or another. The TaylorMade MG3 wedges are designed to cater to golfers of all abilities.

NEW TaylorMade MG3 Wedges Review! Is this the BEST WEDGE of 2021?
NEW TaylorMade MG3 Wedges Review! Is this the BEST WEDGE of 2021?

TaylorMade MG3 wedge - Looks and Feel

The 52-degree wedge has a very nice satin finish which is aesthetically pleasing. The 56-degree edition has a dark metallic finish which is also satisfying to look at.

The black finish with the light section in the middle of the club face is nice to look at and it will no doubt look great in your golf bag.

For the smaller pitch shots, we found the feel to be great. The micro-cut grooves instil confidence in your ball-striking and you receive some sweet connections off the clubface.

The response from the club face is as impressive as any wedge we have tested before. The softness of the connection between the sand, the fairway and the rough is second to none.

TaylorMade MG3 - Performance and Forgiveness

From 50 to 60 yards, Alex enjoyed some good results and some close shots to the pin when his ball-striking wasn't perfect. This is a nod to the forgiveness of these wedges.

When Alex moved the distance further back, he really experienced the one-hop-and-stop qualities of the TaylorMade MG3s. Some shots were nestling close to the pin after a couple of bounces.

Even when hitting different trajectories with the 52 and 56-degree clubs, Alex found that the spin rate was still impressive. These wedges are versatile and they allow you to hit a number of different shots.

With full wedge shots, we didn't experience such a difference in spin as with the shorter shots. This could mean the micro-cut grooves are used to full effect from close-range.

NEW TaylorMade MG3 Wedges Review! Is this the BEST WEDGE of 2021?
NEW TaylorMade MG3 Wedges Review! Is this the BEST WEDGE of 2021?

Alex was very pleased with the MG3's performance from bunkers. The 52-degree wedge was even a viable option from the sand due to the high bounce feature.

Should you buy the TaylorMade MG3 wedge?

With the micro-rib grooves and the lower leading groove, the TaylorMade MG3 wedges are arguably the best improvement to a wedge model that we have seen.

The feel and connection from the clubface are magnificent. This is not to suggest that the previous MG2 wedges were poor, but the MG3s have risen to the next level.

With an increased spin rate and a lovely feel, you can get creative with your newfound confidence with the TaylorMade MG3 wedges.

At £149, these wedges are a fantastic investment and they will save you vital shots from in and around the green.

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