Mizuno T24 Wedges Review: Improved aesthetics and premium forged feel

Mizuno's new T24 range of wedges offers a wide variety of grind and finish options in a new refined shape that will undoubtedly appeal to golfers who enjoy a traditional profile. 

Mizuno T24 wedges
Mizuno T24 wedges
Fantastic variety of finishes and sole profiles, improved aesthetics, excellent versatility around the greens.
Near the top end of the price scale

Mizuno T24 Wedges Key Features:

  • Quadcut Grooves: An adjustment of the groove shoulder camber and the taper of the groove profile allows a tighter groove pattern for increased spin rates on all shots
  • HydroFlow Micro Grooves: laser etched to release moisture and reduce spin drop-off
  • Wrap-around sole relief: Increased sole relief to heel and toe across all five grind options

Widely regarded as one of the finest manufacturers of forged irons in the world, Mizuno has struggled in the past to reach those same lofty heights with its wedges. 

With the new range of T24 wedges, though, the Japanese brand has really upped the ante, and they have made it straight into our best golf wedges guide. 

The new wedges have a more refined profile that has been created by ever so slightly reducing the width of the topline and shortening the blade length. In turn, that mass has been moved higher in the head to aid spin and trajectory control. 

Utilising a progressive groove system, the T24s also have a different groove profile depending on which loft you are using. Clubs lofted 46° – 52° have 17 grooves that are narrower and deeper for full swing optimisation, whereas the higher lofted clubs ranging from 54° – 60° have only 15 wider grooves that are better at gripping the ball to impart more spin around the greens. 

Available in 17 different loft and bounce combinations, the T24s are also available in five different sole profiles and three different finishes, so you can really fine-tune your setup to suit your swing, aesthetic preference and the type of courses you play. 

To find out how they performed, we took them down to Custom Golf Works in Woking before heading out onto the course for further testing. 

Let's get into it. 

Player Level

Undoubtedly usable by golfers of all abilities, the T24s are probably best suited to golfers who are mid to low handicappers due to the shortened blade length and compact head shape. Offering fantastic feel and performance, these wedges provide outstanding results on full shots as well as more delicate greenside shots.
Mizuno T24
Mizuno T24

Mizuno T24 Looks and Feel:

We were really impressed when we first got these wedges in hand, and purely in terms of the design, they are a big upgrade on the brand's previous iteration, the T22s. 

The classic teardrop shape will likely appeal to golfers who appreciate a traditional profile for their wedges.

Stepping away from the fairly busy graphic design of the T22s, the T24 simply features a clean line and subtle Mizuno branding on the back of the club.

Mizuno T24
Mizuno T24

Mizuno has also moved the bounce and loft detailing to a more traditional position on the toe of the club, which we think is a much more suitable spot for it. The T22s previously placed those figures on the back of the club, giving the overall design quite a crowded look. 

Another thing that struck us when we first saw the wedges was how similar they looked to the Titleist SM9s, and as we were about to experience, that wasn't where the similarities ended. 

As you would typically expect from a forged Mizuno head, the feeling at impact was beautiful.

Both soft and receptive, the forged head interacts well with both the ball and the turf, providing a really solid sensation at impact.

Using the 52-degree model for full shots, we experienced a nice punchy feel off the face that translated into a controlled ball flight that gripped the turf really well when it landed. 

Overall, the looks are a definite improvement on previous models, and we couldn't fault the feel either.

Mizuno T24
Mizuno T24

Mizuno T24 Wedges Performance and Forgiveness:

To assess the performance of these wedges, we're going to break this section down into two categories: full shots and around the greens.

First, we're going to focus on full shots. For these, we primarily used the 52-degree wedge, and in terms of both distance and spin, the wedge produced incredibly consistent results. We typically hit our 52 degree wedge about 115 yards, and after hitting 10-15 shots on GC Quad, our numbers were exactly where we wanted them to be. 

Once we took the wedge out on the course, we also found that it performed incredibly well on three-quarter shots when we were trying to take some spin off the ball and nip our approaches in a touch lower. 

Thanks to the new Quadcut grooves, the level of spin on offer is exactly what you would want for a better player's wedge. You're always going to get a good amount of spin from a brand-new wedge with fresh grooves, but we were really pleased with how the ball stood to attention when it got on the greens. 

Mizuno T24
Mizuno T24

Moving closer to the green, we took the 52-degree wedge into the rough to see how it would react when it was contending with some thicker grass. 

As soon as we dropped it down in the rough, we came about five inches away from holing our first effort, which is always a nice place to start. 

Unfortunately, we don't have the short game of Luke Donald, so despite wanting to give the wedge five stars immediately, we did need to increase our sample size ever so slightly. 

Thankfully for Mizuno, the wedge performed admirably, cutting through the thick grass with ease, allowing us to pop the ball out and get it rolling onto the green without any real issue. 

The last part of our performance test was seeing how the wedges performed in bunkers and tough lies that demanded a delicate touch. 

For this, we utilised the 58-degree wedge, which has 10 degrees of bounce in the V sole option. 

Attempting to put the wedge through its paces, we trialled a number of different shots, including opening the face up for an aggressive flop shot and then closing the face down to try and hit a lower shot that checks as it hits the turf. 

What we were most impressed with was just how easy it was to manipulate the spin and ball flight.  Watching Phil Mickelson work his magic with his wedges is always a sight to behold, and when testing the T24s, we were starting to believe maybe we, too, could one day hit a backwards flop shot over our heads. 

Alas, we might have been getting slightly carried away. However, the point stands that these wedges really were a joy to use around the greens and the level of versatility they offered is right up there with the best wedges we've ever tested. 

Mizuno T24
Mizuno T24

Should you buy the T24 wedges?

If you're a fan of Mizuno irons but have yet to be convinced by its wedges, then now is the time to become a convert. Offering dramatically improved aesthetics, fantastic feel and outstanding versatility, these new wedges from the Japanese brand are by far and away the best it has ever created. 

Coming in at £159, the T24s are some of the most expensive wedges in the category, which is one of the few negatives we could pick out. However, if you prioritise the look and feel of a fully forged construction, then it will be a price worth paying. 

All in all, the T24s are an excellent offering from the brand and well worth testing the next time you get fit for some wedges. 

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