Srixon ZX MKII Fairway Wood and Hybrid Review: "Easy launch, tight dispersion"

GolfMagic tests out the new Srixon ZX MKII Fairway Wood and Hybrid.

Srixon ZX MKII Fairway Wood and Hybrid Review: "Easy launch, tight dispersion"
Srixon ZX MKII Fairway Wood and Hybrid Review: "Easy launch, tight…
Ease of launch from a range of different lies; tight offline dispersion; hybrid looks terrific; generously sized clubheads should appeal to wide range of abilities
Fairway wood crown design didn't appeal as much as others; not the longest clubs we've tested in this category

Srixon ZX MKII Fairway Wood - Key Features

  • Rebound Frame: increases ball speed and distance on every strike
  • Cannon Sole: dynamic, floating weight pad moves the weight right where you want it without reducing COR, optimising launch while also allowing space for improved face flex and ball speed. Especially helpful for shots struck low
  • Carbon Crown: repositions mass low and pushes MOI up for increased forgiveness on every shot


Srixon ZX MKII Hybrid - Key Features

  • Rebound Frame: increases ball speed and distance on every strike
  • Deeper CG: new shape positions more mass deeper in the head, raising launch for higher shots
  • Sleek shape: built on input from Srixon staff players, the clubhead features an appealing frontprint, neutral face angle and squared-off toe


Player Level

The Srixon ZX MKII fairways and hybrids will appeal to a wide range of playing abilities, especially game improvers and better players. Higher handicap players will definitely benefit from the hybrid, which is so easy to get airborne and hit straight. 

Srixon ZX MKII FW and Hybrid - Looks and Feel

The new Srixon ZX MKII fairways and hybrids look fantastic. The FW has a generously sized clubhead that offers instant appeal for all players. Some better players may want something a bit more compact looking, but looks are always personal preference. 

The carbon crown on the fairway wood is much different to the hybrid as it features a step down design. This might not be for everyone but it does create a defined leading edge look. 

Aside from that, we love the dark matte finish, which certainly adds appeal when playing out in the sun. We're not that keen on the glossy finish of some of the other Best Fairway Woods on the market. The clubhead also frames the ball beautifully, and as we say, its 177cc head is a decent size. 

Other initial observations of the Srixon ZX MKII fairway wood is its high trailing edge that gives it a squarer face angle, and its new Cannon Sole that features a weight pad that is positioned much more towards the front of the head to help you get the ball airborne even with shots struck low on the face. 

As for the Srixon ZX MKII Hybrid, there is a much smoother crown and we much prefer it. The head has also received plenty of input from Srixon staff players. It's a really sleek looking hybrid, and definitely one of our favourites. The crown is a lovely matte grey colour and the clubhead sits nicely behind the ball ready for take off. We noticed a slightly taller crown in comparison to some of the other leading hybrids on the market, and that again offered further appeal. 

In terms of feel, we could not fault either of these clubs. There's quite a tinny sound about both of them at impact, but it's by no means off-putting. We also noted good levels of feedback at impact. 

Srixon ZX MKII FW and Hybrid - Performance and Forgiveness

We found both the Srixon ZX MKII fairway wood and hybrid incredibly easy to hit from a variety of different lies.

If you struggle to get the ball airborne, especially off the deck, then both of these clubs are definitely worth a closer look as they felt very easy to get up in the air without really putting too much effort in. 

The Srixon ZX MKII fairway wood felt really easy to strike even out of the first cut of rough, and we appreciated its new Cannon Sole that seemed to help us with shots struck very low on the face. 

The Srixon ZX MKII hybrid is also a very forgiving golf club that we think higher handicappers will admire.

It's not the cheapest hybrid out there but you get what you pay for when it comes to accuracy, so a big tick here for Srixon. 

You can feel the deep CG working away inside this club as you continually hit high-launching shots with the hybrid. 

There is no hosel adjustability on the hybrid though and that might put some better players off who like to play around with their settings. 

In terms of distance, we would say both of these clubs sit in the middle of the pack when compared to others on the market. 

If you are looking for improved distance with your fairways and hybrids this season, you will definitely want to check out the Cobra AeroJet fairway woods and hybrids

Should you buy the Srixon ZX MKII FW and Hybrid? 

While we weren't massively blown away by the looks of the fairway wood, it certainly impressed us in terms of its forgiveness and ease of launch. The hybrid ticked boxes all round though, and we would highly recommend players of all abilities to take a closer look at that one this season.

If you want a fairway wood and hybrid that offers a bit more bang for your buck in terms of distance then these might not be you, but they are certainly going to help you find more fairways and get closer to the pin, which you could argue is the most importanct factor in these categories.

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