The 10 best things about golf... FACT!

What do you love most about golf? We list our favourites...

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Tue, 2 Jan 2018

When you come to think about it, a round of golf is a little like life itself.

It starts out with hope, optimism and dreams, quickly deteriorates into regret, confusion and resignation, and then abruptly comes to an end. 

But the beauty about golf is that it keeps us coming back for more.

No matter the pain, no matter the public humiliation, no matter that final score we sign for, you can bet your bottom dollar that we'll be back out there searching for balls on the fairways again the following week. 

We all have our own reasons as to why we love golf, but we thought we would reveal our top 10 as we head into a new year of golf.

Have a flick through this feature and let us know if you agree. Let's start at #10...


There are few sports where you can actually eat and drink while you go about your business.

From healthy snacks, bananas and protein shakes to necking hipflasks, bottles of beer and finishing off last night's half-eaten kebab, the options are endless. You can do just about what you want out there, and nobody will think any less of you as a man or woman. 



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