95% of GolfMagic readers say coronavirus won't stop them playing golf

GolfMagic fans are not letting coronavirus get in the way of their rounds of golf...

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Mon, 16 Mar 2020
95% of GolfMagic readers say coronavirus won't stop them playing golf

A huge majority of GolfMagic readers claim they will not be letting the coronavirus outbreak get in the way of their rounds of golf over the coming months. 

We ran a poll on our Facebook and Instagram pages asking our readers whether or not COVID-19 would prevent them from heading out to their local club to play golf, and a whopping 95% (684) of our 720 readers who took part in the vote were in favour of continuing to play the sport.

Like the rest of sport, the PGA Tour and European Tour have postponed their upcoming tournament schedule, including The Masters in April, following the coronavirus outbreak that has turned the world upside down. 

But despite professional golf circuits shutting down for the time being, the game is very much going to continue for us regular hacks. 

"I think golf is one of the easier sports to play with this virus," said one GolfMagic reader. "I spend most of my time in the rough so I don't come into contact with many people."

Another reader said: "Nope I will definitely be out there playing still, but no more shaking hands just fist bumping."

"With my game there aren't many high fives, so I should be okay," said another reader. 

One golf fan commented: "Even if I had the virus, I would still play. Just by myself."

"It's the best place for me to self isolate," said one reader. "Nobody ever within two metres of me!"

Another golfer said: "I will play with any disease, just as long as it stops f****** raining!"

"In theory the golf course will be the safest place so why not?" said another reader. 

Sadly for one GolfMagic reader in Canada, the story is a little different: "I will probably be cancelling my golf trip to Myrtle Beach."

"We had a golf trip planned in Turkey next month but we are likely going to cancel this now," said another reader. 

One reader said: "I'll still be playing, but just avoiding the clubhouse."

"I hate playing golf at this time of the year anyway, so I don't expect to be back out there playing until the summer anyway," said another reader.