Brandel Chamblee believes in a 'negative bias' following Koepka spat

Brandel Chamblee believes there is a 'negative bias' against him following another Koepka spat on Twitter.

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Wed, 11 Sep 2019

Brandel Chamblee seems to have a bit of a marmite vibe about him in the sense that you either love him or you hate him. The straight-talking Golf Channel analyst really does say it how he sees it, which more often than not causes upset somewhere and leads to a back-and-forth with the golfer in his line of sight.

In the past we have seen Chamblee lock horns with world No.1 Brooks Koepka, which started when Chamblee said that only Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson were good enough to challenge Tiger Woods legacy. This hit a nerve with Koepka, who responded by tweeting a picture of Chamblee with a clown nose.

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Chamblee was quick to eat his words when Koepka won his fourth major title and successfully defended the PGA Championship at Bethpage Black. Although last month, the two collided on Twitter once again when Chamblee accused Koepka of standing in McIlroy's way at the Northern Trust.

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Well it seems that Chamblee has had enough with the remarks he receives, following another Koepka incident, but this time it wasn't Brooks, but his father, Bob.

Chamblee tweeted a harmless message about a round of golf with his wife, but Bob Koepka, who clearly still feels a little sore about Chamblee's comments towards his son, replied saying 'And yet you question Brooks toughness? #easy decision'.

Now Bob Koepka may have been joking around for all we know and fishing for a response, but Chamblee took the bait and felt he needed to defend himself in the situation.

Over a week later, it seems the latest Koepka feud was still in the back of Chamblee's mind as he took to Twitter to share an article written by Golf Digest that defended his methods.

Chamblee added to the tweet by saying that he feels there is a "negative bias" surrounding him and blamed it on the opinion that most people (including Tiger Woods) only remember him for the negative remarks, with the Golf Channel star also saying “Much the same is true with Brooks, hence his father’s reaction.”



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