Bryson DeChambeau has a very simple solution for slow play: Walk fast

DeChambeau believes walking faster in between shots is the only way to combat slow play in golf. 

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Mon, 1 Jul 2019
Bryson DeChambeau has a very simple solution for slow play: Walk fast


Bryson DeChambeau might be regarded as one of the most deliberate players on Tour, but he believes the only way to truly tackle golf's slow play issue is for players to walk much faster in between their shots.

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DeChambeau made his comments to New York Post after he had been singled out by a recent European Tour post showing the 25-year-old taking more than 60 seconds to take his shot.  

World No.1 Brooks Koepka also recently commented on his compatriot's slow play antics as "embarrassing."

Having been penalised by authorities for taking an additional "10 seconds over the ball", DeChambeau explains he wants to take as long as possible until he feels comfortable over the ball, but make up that time in between his shots. 

“I can take 10 seconds longer to hit a shot, but if I walk 10 seconds faster the total aggregate time is the same, yet they’re penalising me because I took 10 seconds longer over the ball - it doesn’t make sense," DeChambeau told New York Post

“For some people to say, ‘I just go up there and hit it,’ well that’s good for you. If it works for you, it works for you. But I want to be as precise as possible heading into that shot. I want to be right on point and that just requires me to be a little faster walker.”

It will be interesting to see if DeChambeau is quick on his feet at this week's 3M Open on the PGA Tour.